Moonbreaker is a strategic step-by-step digital board game in which the world was partially created by Brandon Sanderson and Unknown Worlds Entertainment. This is a science fiction world full of interesting and diverse characters. Below we have listed all the characters at the moment at Moonbreaker, and upgrade this list as soon as we get more information.

all the characters of the moonlit

The characters seemed to be divided into two roles: captains and units. The differences between them are unclear, but there are plans for 50 characters when launching as well as more be added subsequently. We have compiled a list of famous characters from the official website of Moonbreaker and the YouTube channel, which you can find below.

All captains in Moonbreaker


The 12-year-old Astra is a child prodigy that explores the limits and knowing what it means to be a leader. She goes to battle riding her colorful creature (and the best friend) named Furg.

Culture *: Metedori
Type : Far battle
Lesson class : Captain


Initially programmed as a thoughtless, ruthless murder machine, called a robot of death, which is afraid of all the limits, Extrilior has become reasonable and now chose an honorable path.

Culture *: Metedori
Type : Middle Battle
Lesson class : Captain


Sachs is a smart, talkative villain, paving his way through the limits with the help of a joke and a plasma blaster. He died at his last work, but he tries to prevent it from breaking it.

Culture *: smugglers
Type : Far battle
Lesson class : Captain

Unknown characters and units Moonbreaker

Since Moonbreaker has not yet come out and will be in early access, we do not have enough information about many characters. We will update this guide as soon as we learn more about characters and units below.

  • Beatrice, silovik
  • Broken revenge
  • Chuck and Co.
  • Wobblers
  • Crossing
  • Well-aimed eye
  • Detonia
  • Drummer Tlally
  • Florio, Lancer
  • Furia
  • Jail break
  • Maximus
  • Mikoani thicket
  • Necaual
  • Noviansky bastion
  • Peacemaker Balam
  • Ketzalli
  • Ricky backfire
  • Savria, guard
  • trap
  • Stitch Maktchi
  • Switching
  • Taria, arsenal
  • Type
  • Tone mystic Metzli
  • Torian, guard
  • Toxoid
  • Ursiks Nectarwin
  • Ursiks crumbly vine

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