The Game Awards 2018 are about to start, but Microsoft is nowhere to be seen. The company decided to do some course correcting and shared a video via its Xbox YouTube channel, explaining that the show is not meant for them.

The truth that Microsoft simply ignored the Game Awards did not complement the neighborhood.


Fans who had actually intended to see new trailers for Star field and other projects were very disappointed.
Now Xbox takes a position to keep away and tries to smooth the waves.
Update from December 12th
Xbox only shone with lack at this year’s Game Awards.
Fans had actually expected trailers and other updates for upcoming video game hits, however went out entirely empty.
The criticism from the community was so loud that marketing boss Aaron Greenberg spoke out on Twitter.
In his tweet, he promises that Xbox has big strategies and quickly wished to share more about the very interesting video game contingent 2023.
The neighborhood no longer needs to wait long for news, but the timing is very crucial.
However, it is doubtful whether the Xbox fans are actually satisfied with this unclear declaration according to the frustrating Video game Awards.
Many analysts under the tweet naturally still sound quite annoyed.
Initial message from December 9th

Microsoft overlooks the video game awards

The Game Awards crown the events in the gaming market every year.
At the award ceremony, numerous big publishers traditionally present their upcoming jobs.
Nevertheless, Xbox merely left the occasion resting on the left, although in 2023 numerous smash hits are to appear.
This action triggers great dissatisfaction in the neighborhood, since fans had actually intended to play updates like Star field or Red fall.

no new trailer: Xbox community disappointed

It was currently known in advance that no Xbox-exclusive video game had gotten an election for the primary reward from the Video game Awards.
However, the neighborhood had anticipated one or more brand-new trailers to be found, after all, in 2023, some top-class gamers ought to appear.
Lots of fans therefore irritate many fans that Microsoft simply overlooked the award ceremony and has disappointed any brand-new insights into Star field or other highlights.
At the same time, some commentators on Reddit and Twitter believe that the existing conflict with PlayStation could be a factor for Xbox wire due to the Activision takeover-the business wishes to keep the attention of possible Xbox-exclusive video games away.
However, even if this was a motivation behind the boycott-fans were at least happy about a few brand-new teasers for upcoming Xbox video games.
Game Pass is fantastic therefore, but it is truly ashamed to see Phil Spencer sitting there without anything being shown or announced for Xbox.
What do all these studios do?
There have actually been two years given that the console launch and the only things on the horizon are red fall and Starfield-and not even that were revealed. (Reddit user ghastly).
I comprehend that video games appear delayed.
I comprehend that Microsoft needs to go through the entire Activision Blizzard thing.
Even with that it was a frustrating year for Xbox.

No huge games outside and no existence with the Game Awards. (Reddit user Thedagga225).
Even if you had something to reveal, you would not presently do it with all the authorities who take a look at all of your deals.
The last thing you desire is to show Video game Pass unique material. (Reddit user Haikusfrombuddha).
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