Whether you just start playing Apex Legends as if you have enough experience, finding the correct configuration is important for constant performance, even the color of your grid.
You need one that is not lost in all textures.
If you have been fighting with that, here is the best grid color in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Best Reticle Color

The best grid color in Apex Legends is the one that works best for you;
However, popular colors among players are bright purple, red and magenta.
If you don’t want to do the job of doing well, here are some hexadecimal codes:
Neon Magenta: 1255 255 1255
Neon red: 1255, 255, 255
Neon Purple: 1255, 255, 765
You may have noticed that all colors are of the neon variety.
This is because dark and terrible tones, such as brown and green forest, mix too easily with the environment, while neon colors do not.

How to change the color of the grid in Apex Legends

What is the use of finding the best grid color in Apex Legends if you don’t know how to change it, right?
Keep together with these steps:
Open configuration and select gameplay.

  • Just above the accessibility section, choose Customize to the right.
    Choose a color or use a hexadecimal code input in the lower right corner.
  • The Dalton mode is found in the accessibility section of the game tab.


And that is all to do to understand the best grid color in Apex Legends.
It will be a touch and ready until you find the right color.
Until then, enjoy more content of reviewing 10 multiplayer games that are impossible for new players.
For a lighter reading, consider learning how to activate the login check in Apex Legends.
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