Are you trying to find a total guide for the WORLD OF WARCRAFT skill to CAC en raid on dragon flight?
Discover our guide presenting the very best talents with a total tree, consumables and the stats to prefer to carry out well in raid with your DPS burglar.

Update: Tuesday, January 31.
This guide is up-to-date for 10.0.5
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Guide to finesse burglar talent on dragon flight

These talents are recommended for relatively traditional use in raid.
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Relating to the talents of the skill burglar, some modifications are possible:

in the basic part of Large de Talents

  • No skill really seems optional to us here.
    Life is to maximize your DPS and your HPS, without sacrificing your resistance.

in the finesse of talent

  • A build to play with double dance is available.
    Discover this skilled tree here.

Statistics to prefer in skill burglar

Our hierarchy of secondary statistics for a finesse in raid considers the use of talents noted at the top of this guide.
The worth develop according to your equipment in addition to the content.
Keep in mind that for a DPS, the Dob jet level is typically the most essential because this conditions the overall agility, the greatest stat in this position.
Otherwise, criticism is the primary stat.
This increases your chances of inflicting the double damage with your attacks.

Dob jet level >> Criticism > Versatility = Proficiency > Hurry

Note that we advise Utilize software application like AIRCRAFT with raid bots to check part by piece, point per point, the gain in DPS according to your devices.
If expertises have fairly clear deviations between the secondary stats, this is not always the case and all things is different.
Hence, your results will be more precise utilizing a simulation tool to compare.

Enchantments for the finesse thief

The magics allow your stats to be eliminated (see above) and total, increase the efficiency of your character.
It is recommended to add just on the parts you plan to keep a minimum.


In addition, understand that it is possible to change one magic with another, but you will lose the first.
CAPE: Device
Torso: All Carey
Brossard: Device
Pants: relentless
Boots: speed
Rings: CRT
Weapon: Sofia DIL

Consumables for the Burglar Skill in Dragon flight

In regard to consumables to be used in finesse in raid, a denture part depend on the level in which you advance in raid.
Therefore, in normal, it is usually not needed to have premium consumables.
On the other hand, in mythical and heroic, you will require to utilize combat potions as often as possible as well as all the normal required.
Flask: poly flask
Healing potion: care potion
Burst potion: main stats’ potion
Dame rune: Board rune
Food: Grand Banquet or Personal
Gems: unfathomable diamond resp and Alex extinct
For the flask (phial in English), the latter lasts only thirty minutes but can be cumulated twice (an overall of 1 hour).

Best Trinkets for Thief Finesse in Raid

The precious jewelry that becomes part of the most vital parts of your character, we advise two of the best ornaments as well as two alternatives to them.
Existing control technique

Thief skill, a good DPs in raid on Dragon flight?

In season 1 of Dragon flight, the finesse burglar is a good DPS CAC for raid at the incarnations cellar.
The skill burglar reacts properly to the requests of the cellar of versions which is to be in Lies in Monocle as in a cleaved.
Nevertheless, if you want to maximize your damage other specializations from the Rogue will be more competitive.
However, regardless of its ineffective gameplay, if it suits you, then we advise you to raid with this expertise.
The finesse thief will be a feasible choice at the launch of season 1 of Dragon fight for DPS in Raid.
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