If the release date of Hogwarts Legacy: the legacy of Hogwarts is indeed set for February 10, tomorrow, numerous gamers will have the ability to play it in advance, specifically people who have recuperated the Deluxe variation which offers early access.
Suddenly, Warner Bros Games offered the green light to the specific press to give its decision on the Harry Potter game which takes shape a crazy expectation from its fans and an extremely divided neighborhood at the moment, following the words
Deemed Transposes of JK Rowling.
Let’s pass this controversy, and we rather focus on the notes of the game acquired all over the world.
As we write these lines, Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts’ heritage gets the mid 86% on Metacritic for a total of 27 criticisms identified.
This is a very nice note, even if some had actually currently imagined a rating surpassing 90% average.
The reception is extremely well viewed, even if numerous reporters have mentioned some technical weaknesses, a generous timeless experience, somewhat too repetitive difficulties, however these faults are balanced out by a definitely wonderful open world.
In France, the press is much more enthusiastic than in other nations, with rave returns.
Here is a list of a few of the notes received Worldwide.

IGN Portugal: 10/10
Molestation: 10/10
Carole Aquitaine: 10/10
Areajugons: 9.7/ 10.
PlayStation Universe: 9.5/ 10.
Atomic: 9.3/ 10.
Hobby Consoles: 9/10.
PlayStation Way of life: 9/10.
Game blog: 9/10.
Impulse Player: 9/10.
Video game tirade: 9/10.
God is a geek: 9/10.
JV: 18/20.
IGN: 9/10.
CD-Action: 9/10.


Well played: 9/10.
Spaziogams: 8.7/ 10.
Gamer.nl: 8.5/ 10.
Real Gaming: 8.5/ 10.
Multiplayer.it: 8.5/ 10.
Vandal: 8.2/ 10.
Game spew: 8/10.

Press square: 8/10.
NGC: 8/10.
We go this Covered: 8/10.
Thesixthaxis: 7/10.
Games.cz: 7/10.
Games radar+: 7/10.