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BVB: Is the decision approaching? Erling Haaland travels to France

Three gaming days before the end of the season the future of Erling Haaland near Borussia Dortmund continues to be unclear. Much suggests a departure of the scorer. After the lost game against FC Bayern, the BVB star allegedly traveled to southern France. Is the anticipated decision before?

The transfer poker around Erling Haaland is now over the whole season at Borussia Dortmund. Meanwhile, it is certainly calculated with a sayewell of the 21-year-old. The international top clubs have long been introduced.

Haaland himself hesitates with a decision. In the coming days, however, movement could come into the matter.

According to the “Ruhr news”, the Norwegian is a day after the Bundesliga top game against FC Bayern (1: 3) with a charter machine to the Côte d’Azur broken up. The flight to southern France is probably not intended for recreation. Rather, Haaland is likely to meet with his consultant Mino Raiola, who lives in the Principality of Monaco.

Currently, Manchester City is considered a hottest candidate on a commitment of the BVB Knipser. However, the Scandinavian should not have given the English Master. Therefore, Real Madrid and FC Bayern are also prospected.

BVB would not be surprised by change

Dortmund’s outgoing Bayerns director Michael Zorc recently declared “Sky” that a change of Haalands in the Premier League would be “not absolutely surprising” for the club “.

Erling Haaland | The Biggest Threat for Bayern in Der Klassiker?

More about this: Effenberg takes Haaland in protection

Jan-Aage Fjörtoft, who is considered a close confidant of the Norwegian, betrayed on Sunday at “Bayern1”: “Manchester City is in the pole position, but I know that Bayern still strive to get him”.

Thus, the decision in the poker is still not pleased for the BVB star. The trip to the Côte d’Azur could contribute to that Borussia Dortmund has swift planning security.

Arcane Netflix Hit startet Crossover mit Magic The Gathering

On Netflix, the HIT series Arcane is already a huge success. Now the spin-off of League of Legends was also immortalized on a handful of Magic: The Gathering cards. In regular Magic boosters, however, you will not find them.

Arcane: Official Trailer

Since 2019, so-called Secret Lairs for Magic: The Gathering are regularly published. These are special collection boxes in which always a handful of cards with unique designs are stuck.

Particularly in demand are the official crossover with well-known franchises. Next to The Walking Dead, Fortnite and Street Fighters were now also presented Magic cards with artworks of the success series Arcane. Specifically, they are seven cards on which characters such as Jinx, VI and Jayce are also illustrated by the hex core. (Source:

The Secret Lair: Arcane is only available online

Unlike most standard sets from Magic: The Gathering, however, you can not find the Secret Lairs in the game shops of your trust and also not with GameStop or similar providers. Instead, all Secret Lairs can only be ordered for a limited period of time via the official website.

Pre-orders are possible from 29 November 2021 at 18.00 clock and cost 34.99 euros. The premium variant with the foil versions of the cards costs even 44.99 euros.

However, until you can keep the cards in your hand, you still have to be patient: So the Secret Lair officially appears only on April 22, 2022. Only then can the pre-orders be sent.

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