Kakao Games (CEO Cho Kye -hyun) is on the 28th, popular mobile animation RPG ‘Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Lee: Dive) ‘(Lee: Dive)’, with the appearance of the new character ‘Chiheru (Sex Festival)’, and the ceiling relief patch, the ‘PT’ required for the pickup character exchange was adjusted from ‘300pt’ to ‘200pt’..

‘Chieru’ is a ‘Happy Chi Eru’ girl who heats up the sex system in the heat of the heat. It leads to victory with a special kill that increases attack power.

Union Burst (Movement) ‘Chi -Ruchi Eru ☆ Carnival’ is a 40 -way Chieru, which greatly increased the physical attacks of allies, and then rise and physical attacks on their ‘TP (Technical Point)’ Critical damage increased ▲ armed with a variety of effects, such as inflicting great physical damage to an enemy in front of you.

Kakao Games said that in commemoration of this update, the new character 3 -star ‘Chieru (Sex Academic) has increased the frequency of pickups.

[Princess Connect! Re:Dive] School Festival Chieru - Union Burst and Live2D
Meanwhile, by May 12, the new story event, ‘Steel’s Saints and Holy Schools of Holy Schools’ will be opened. This story event allows users to enjoy special stories centered on ‘Uni’, ‘Chloe’ and ‘Chieru’ of ‘St. Teresa Girls’ Academy’. In addition, the event quests and event bosses can be obtained through the ‘Akino’ and ‘Shinobu’ memory pieces, and the campaign to acquire an additional experience of 1.5 times.

In the story released this time, the “ Bill ” of St. Teresa Women’s Academy will showcase whether the student council will refuse to dismantle the dismantling order by conquering the event.

Kakao Games will hold ‘My Custom My Page’ event through the official community. The users who participated in the event will provide the in -game goods ‘jewel’ through the lottery.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive ‘Dive’ (Lee: Dive) ‘The details of the new character updates and events can be found on the official community and SNS.