According to Bloomberg Sony could show the project Spartacus this week. This is fundamentally a PlayStation equivalent to the Xbox Game Pass . PlayStation Plus and PlayStation NOW are to be combined here in a service.

What is Project Spartacus?

PlayStation’s Game Pass Could Reveal Next Week | GameSpot News

For the first time we reported in December 2021 on the ominous project Spartacus. Originally, Bloomberg had talked about the project, later also industry insiders such as Jeff Grubb. Grubb called a concept of three price levels in February, which 10 dollars , 13 dollars and 16 dollars . It has also been speculated through the offer, which should be present in the “Playstation-Game Pass”. According to the current Bloomberg Report, the service should start with a line-up of big hit titles of the past years. From First Party Titles, which are available from release immediately, currently not spoken.

In any case, the premium offer, ie for 16 dollars a month, a span of Playstation 1 to Playstation 5 (Buy Now € 925.00) cover. Also PlayStation-Portable title should give it in service.

It is unclear whether the allegedly desired release of the service is still targeted in spring 2022. This was called in the original Bloomberg report in December 2021. A speedy demonstration of the service would certainly result in meaning. Also, how the PC for the service as a platform plays a role is still not to answer.

How is the PlayStation Game Pass announced?

How exactly the service is to be announced is currently unknown. The last state of Play of Sony took place on March 9, 2022. It remains to be seen when and how the plans of the company are announced and whether Spartacus can constitute a competition to the Game Pass. Currently, the Xbox game passports over 25 million users and users.

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