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My goal: Aleksandar Dragovic dreams of return to Austria Vienna

Is the Viennese Austria experiencing the big “homecoming”? After the violets notified the desire to commit Zlatko Junuzovic, Aleksandar Dragovic also dreams of a return to favorites.

Only on the weekend FAK sports director Manuel Ortechner confirmed that Zlatko Junuzovic should return to Austria in summer. “Should he really have the desire to take up again in violet, he would make a lot of people happy here,” says Ortechner at SKY.

In addition to Junuzovic, another ex player could return in the future. Aleksandar Dragovic, currently working with red star, would like to get back in violet. “I already have the goal at which Austria, where everything started, to finish my professional career. I hope you still record me, “says the 31-year-old.

If it really should be so far, “Drago” could dock as a ÖFB record player. On Andreas Herzog (103) only three games are missing. “I do not make pressure and no stress, how many games I do. I’m TOP FIT, Fortunately, I’m 30 years old and have a few years before me. But you have to wait once, who becomes the new coach and then you have to look, as he imagines. “

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When asked if the number 1 is worth something, Dragovic does not make a secret: “Of course I would lie if it is not nice. I would never have dreamed that I have a hundred international matches, I would not even have dreamed that I play once for Austria. For this I am very, very grateful and am very, very proud, but the most important thing is the team. I would rather qualified for the World Cup than to celebrate the hundreds. Therefore, of course it is a nice number, but our goal was the World Cup. “

God of War: How to get a greater flame ridge

EC EU Reforge d’Objects et de Substances Important Quit Pounds Eyre utilizes pour Fabric et amplifier l’equipment by Rates et d’Atreus, Mai’s Certain Event Eyre Beau coup Plus difficile à obtain that d’Actress, à Mains that Vows Ne Sanchez exact Of search for. Here is How to make the ridge of the flame greater in God of War. .

How to get a larger llama crest in God of War

Collect fragments of Encryption of Mülheim

This special article is used to manufacture and improve several pieces of armor and can only be found in the kingdom of fire, Mülheim. Once you have obtained the encrypted fragments, and you have completed the travel rune, you can travel to Mülheim using the Kingdom’s Travel Room in the middle of the Nine Lake.

Encryption fragments can be found out of the ordinary silver cores that contain skulls. The chests are seen as the one in the image below:

You can access the realm of fire very early in the game depending on the scan you do, but it will be difficult to get the upper flame ridges on your first trip to Mülheim.

Complete the impossible evidence of Mülheim

Mülheim is essentially a challenge tower in a six-level volcano. The levels of one to five have a normal test and a difficult test. You must complete the five and then defeat Valkyrie at the top to restart the tests of the first five levels.

Once the levels are restored, they are established in an impossible difficulty. You will have the opportunity to gain creases of superior flames when completing these tasting tests, and once you have completed three of five, the top test can be tried again. Do this routine as many times as necessary until you have all the Mülheim update items you want.

However, this kingdom is extremely difficult to cross, so it is recommended that Rates have at least one level of six or higher equipment in more difficult difficulties to reach the top of Mülheim the first time.

That’s all you need to know about How to make the shell crest larger in God of War. . Be sure to check our God of War wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other useful game information if you are looking for more suggestions.

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