As digital transitions were made in all industries, the developer ransom became a gold price. High salaries, incentives, telecommunications guarantees, and stock options are presented, but relatively poor startups are helpless to sweep the developers of large companies.

Luxury platform catch fashion is also unfamiliar to the public. In the luxury platform industry, it is a latecomer and cannot be within three fingers in sales. Not long ago, developers had a group of people leaving the group. No matter how you look at it, you can’t see the pointed number to attract the developer.

Recently, the news of the chief technical officer (CTO), who has been asked, Why? It was a shocking story that Jang Woo-hyuk, who had gained experience in Samsung Electronics, 11th Street, Google Cloud Korea, scouted CTOs as the head of the company’s development organization.

I was curious. In light of the past career, I was curious about why he chose catch fashion, which is likely to send a love call from a better company and a so-called company. Honestly, he thought of because of money, he said. But that alone seemed to be lacking. I was also looking forward to it. By chance, an interview was given. On the 30th of last month, I met Jang Woo-hyuk CTO at catch fashion in Nonhyeon-dong.

At the rainy season, rain was tracking on the day of the trace, and he was talking with a colleague in front of the company’s front door. He seemed to be an employee of the same development group. At first glance, I heard English, but I was impressed by the comfort of communicating with the surroundings. Looking at the reporter promised to interview, he opened the door with a security key and walked into the conference room.

From the start of the interview, he asked the most questions. He was asked why he came to catch fashion without choosing a better company. Readers (developers) will also be able to speak as honestly as they will be. His response to this was summarized because of his success, and his desire to succeed was so great. It was still a formal answer.

Jang Woo-hyuk CTO knew the problem of the development organization that was internally submitted before joining Catch Fashion. For this reason, CTOs thought that Lee Woo-chang was strong because he was strong in the development organization with autonomy. But in a four-hour debate, Jang Woo-hyuk, CTO, realized that Lee was fully autonomy, unlike his thoughts. He also confirmed that Lee was sincere in the business based on his experiences in his past distribution. He said he chose catch fashion because he thought there were so many contributions to the problem he faced.

I moved to Google, an engineer’s dream at 11th Avenue. He worked as a Google Cloud data analysis expert, and he had a lot of expectations, and he was not intended to ride on the way of working with a global company and the brand’s dream. As I worked as a client because of Corona at Google, customers played a data platform and played a role in solving business problems with AI machine learning technology, but they became more and more greedy. When I thought about why I don’t solve my problems and solve the problems of others, the proposal came from the catch fashion.

CTO Jang Woo-hyuk joined the catch fashion and filled senior developers with Samsung Electronics, Google and Coupang. Although there are still five organizations, they plan to grow more than 10 organizations within the time. But as I worry before, the recruitment of developers is not as planned. Many companies have two-digit and three-digit recruitment announcements, but this is a goal, not a result.

So I asked roughly. What can catch fashion give to developers? Full home work, high salary, employee welfare that is no less than Google… What cards can you use? Then, CTO Jang Woo-hyuk said, I will show the increase in salary. He also said that he honestly preferred the way of communicating with various departments in one place rather than home work. The sound of developers who were trying to show interest in catch fashion sounded inside, but when he heard his words, he was strangely persuaded.

I think it’s the best welfare for the developer to show a clear business problem, give you authority and opportunities to solve yourself, rather than taking care of Warraval right away. In addition, the successful developers have a deep understanding of the business. The developer should be an architect who builds buildings, and it’s hard to be a hammer expert. If you join Catch Fashion, I will actively help you to be a developer who can build a recognized and dreamed building.

Still, it is much more advantageous for my career to get a job at Nekara Kubae (Naver, Kakao, Line, Coupang, and delivery) that parents will be happy. Jean CTO admitted on the other hand, but he was still confident and confident that he still presented the strengths of the catch fashion development organization. He promised to act as a coach that can be pulled and pushed in the process, in terms of a comprehensive access to business issues and being able to solve it.

We are confident that our development team is the best in the industry. The ability of the developer is the ability to increase its value even if it is given the completeness, communication ability, and small things to be given in the delivery date based on technology, not from school or somewhere. Top-level senior developers will help them grow by checking only what they focus on and checking their work. We will give you a chance to work together and to grow up with each other with the same goal.

It was Jang CTO’s promise to help my resume solve some problems, and to help my company’s earnings contributed to this improvement. This process also explained that the developer can have a sense of ownership about the problem when he sees his colleagues moving to a better place. His philosophy is not to be faithful to the company, but to have a sense of ownership in his own problems and history.

The reason he came to catch fashion, his thoughts on the development organization and culture is here. It was time to listen to the problems he wanted to solve in catch fashion.

Catch fashion aims to be a luxury Agrigator platform. Agrigators are services that collect and classify information on products or services of various companies to facilitate search and comparison. Catch fashion deals with 100% genuine product based on global partnerships, and each product information is being linked in real time. A total of 4 million products are searched, real-time price comparison is made, and inventory can be checked. You can also collect discounts in one place.

CTO Jang Woo-hyuk plans to diversify the category of catch fashion into a more life-oriented form. It is to build a customer optimization service for the word ‘luxury’. Catch fashion is currently focusing on luxury fashion, but in the future, it is drawn to a picture that expands to living, kids, travel, accommodation, and painting. More people will make efforts to make more people experience high quality services in everyday life. It will focus on strengthening content and securing fast customers. Furthermore, the company also has a idea to discover small brands that sell quality original products in Korea and enter the global market by helping them grow.

There are a lot of good partners who want to enter the catch fashion, but it’s not as easy as I think. This is because various departments such as API linkage and policy problem setups have to collaborate like an orchestra. The development organization is currently designing a system to shorten the efforts and time it takes here.

Lastly, CTO Jang Woo-hyuk emphasized the ability to communicate between departments as one of the strengths of catch fashion. He explained that all organizations, including marketing, management, development, and customer service, had a great strength in conversation with each other in an open position. In short, it was filled with members who were right. Because of this, I was confident that the rapid growth of catch fashion.


I adopt a very exciting way of working as an agile method (how to get feedback immediately with development). Startups in Series B are filled with their favorite members. I hope that good people will join this rocket quickly.

For developers who want to be a architect rather than a hammer expert, I remember that catch fashion is perfect. In addition, his promise to help developers, who are not a company, will be recognized as a certain career and receive higher salaries. It was an interview that I wanted to watch the growth of catch fashion longer in that it was not obvious response, but sincerity.