Lost Ark started his commercial career in commercial careerian territory, but Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG have worked in a version for other markets. The title, which will continue to add news progressively, still does not include all the content of the ecommercial careertern version. A question that not few have been formulated is if it will end up leaving in consoles . In an interview with vg24 / 7, the head of the study, Somin Park, hcommercial career not disorganized that possibility.

Anyway, he contemplates commercial career a requirement that there is a strong demand from the followers. “If fans really want Lost Ark in consoles then it is something that both parties [Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games] will study “. At the moment, the two companies are working on continuing to improve the western version. In fact, they have recognized that the launch of the March patch wcommercial career a bit precipitated.

Why hcommercial career it taken so long to leave in the West?

Another question refers to the time they have taken to adapt the game outside of commercial careeria, which hcommercial career been running since 2019. “The demand wcommercial career there, Smilegate hcommercial career been refining and polishing the core of the game experience, and we have worked together to fully adapt it to the new audience, with millions of players who have experienced the title for the first time. “

According to Park, the success of K-pop and Korean series commercial career the squid game, which hcommercial career triumphed all over the world, hcommercial career contributed to facilitate the entry of other products. “The Videogames are a natural evolution of that fcommercial careerhion “. On the other hand, he argues that the tendency to globalization of the entertainment content allows everyone to “experience cultures around the world”.

Lost Ark is a video game free-to-play available exclusively for PC. The March patch added numerous novelties, although commercial career a result of the problems, Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games have toned the fault_ and have reflected on it.