A mysterious letter makes a Skyrim player ponder. Who sends him this news, and how do you come to him? Fortunately, the community already has a few suspicious people in mind.

Skyrim: Post from the soul tomb

Although people in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim live in the deepest fantasy medieval, they have a extremely effective postsystem. However, the Reddit User Liungodkrraw now shares a message at which he has to ask himself who actually writes him letters.

An admirer tells him there that he has taken care of his dragon screams for a stir in the soul grave, and he wishes him much success on his adventures. According to exact look, however, from the nicely meant message stands out a detail: in the soul grave? In the gloomy ghost level full of lost souls no one should actually be able to return letters to the sky edge.

Reddit community has some theories

So who has written the letter and handed over to the tireless postman? The Reddit user The Denizen has the theory that the Dragon Blood has meanwhile sent letters to feel more important to themselves. ThatDudesBox20, on the other hand, believes rather to divine intervention. In his opinion, it is aka tosh personally, who sends the player the many small messages about events that nobody should know.

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For many players, however, the main suspect is the postman himself. Is he a vampire or even a God? Where does he always know exactly where the dragon’s blood is currently staying? With these skills, it is probably not so difficult to believe that he also delivers the post in the Oblivion level for prisoners.

A Skyrim player wonders who could be the person who writes him out of the soul grave. The community has some theories. Was it the dragon’s blood yourself, a God or the postman?