The 3rd industrial revolution, additionally called a scientific-technological revolution (ACT), Revolution of Knowledge (RI) or third technical revolution, is a brand-new concept and also combination of suggestions, which was increased by Jeremy Griffin, and also endorsed by the European Parliament In an official statement approved in June 2006. This style has been established by the author extremely over recent years in different media and meetings. The docudrama of Vice Documentary reveals the writer of the writer just how this revolution can be comprehended and also advertised, along with its fundamental value for mankind.
In terms of history, financial transformations typically happen when the brand-new interaction modern technologies assemble with brand-new power generation systems. The new forms of communication come to be the tool of organization and also administration that one of the most complex civilizations have actually enabled via the development and also use of brand-new sources of power. The conjunction in the 21st century of the progress of interactions modern technologies, along with the great growth and also use the Internet, along with eco-friendly powers, are providing increase to what we might well call ‘3rd industrial revolution’ or ‘3rd technological revolution ‘, the one that would certainly be characterized by:

Adjustment to greater use renewable powers.
A boosting transformation of a certain sort of buildings in power generators themselves.
The advancement of rechargeable batteries, gas pile, as well as various other new power storage innovations.

(Eng/Indo) 8 Drama Korea yang Diperankan Nam Yoon Soo / The Drama List of Nam Yoon Su
The development of the intelligent electrical network or wise Electric Power circulation network (Smart Grid).
The development of transport based on the electrical vehicle (all-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and also regular electrical crossbreeds) as well as gas cells, making use of sustainable electricity as a propulsion energy.

20 attracts the attention of a presidential candidate four lawsuit the main strategy of each new government to pack the digital transition acceleration support for the 4th Industrial Revolution response.

Depending on the candidates and political parties, but Brigid some differences of opinion on the digital transition assistance and corresponding digital conversion means were such that you can not avoid challenges to national survival.

In addition to the 16th Presidential 4th Industrial Revolution Committee was the 4th Industrial Revolution, held in Seoul, Four Seasons Hotel Global Policy Conference Democratic Party, the national power, per definition, the party of the people, released the digital transition strategies of each candidate camp.

■ yijaemyeong countries and companies future, digital panoramic pioneering territory,

Democratic Party Chairman Sendai economic future, with yigwangjae while daemon speeches of candidates proposed yijaemyeong digital daejeonhwan commitments. Yijaemyeong candidates said it would invest 135 trillion won for the digital daejeonhwan the first month after the commitment Sendai launch and create 2 million jobs.

Yigwangjae economic future chairpersons through yijaemyeong candidate daemon digital transition as an opportunity to both a crisis, who has wisely the future of the country rests with the company, depending on the character beyond doeneunya huge dig, he said.

Next, and the world leaders in the competition standing lead, and compete with businesses, said, Fortunately, Korea’s Kim Baeldung government broadband deployment, the Row government’s e-government, and on the soil of the data dam of Moon Pro-government Digital Based on this, the foundation was established to explore the territory in all directions, he said.

Yijaemyeong candidate side had presented four strategies, such as building ▲ ▲ physical and institutional infrastructure, human supports entrepreneurship and innovation in the digital transition of traditional industries, high-tech investment ▲ ▲ 6 vs. Digital sovereign guarantees.

Yigwangjae chairman said that digital innovations will repair the regulations hindering innovation because it needs sweeping regulatory reform. I will create a digital infrastructure up to powerhouse behind 5G, 6G, including ultra-connected network with major investments in artificial intelligence. He said.

Then, he explained the digital transition will require the talent revolution and will enable the transition to digital large-scale renovation of the education system, enhance the digital skills training of all citizens.

He also support the traditional industries and small and medium venture companies, such as manufacturers actively will support digital technology incorporated into healthcare, education, finance, distribution and logistics and challenge is to gather the Asian dream a dream of founding a live Asian country I venture to make the hub emphasized that.

Yet artificial intelligence, quantum technology, cybersecurity, blockchains, semiconductors, focused investment in high-performance super computing, including state-of-the-art technology and the capabilities of the Industrial Bank in Investment Banking me angry and technical sovereignty secure lawsuit sovereign wealth funds like TEMASEK in Singapore Following the investments will go, he said to.

The chairman of another Everyone should be holding the digital territory and enjoy the fruits of growth, it should be guaranteed a digital access and Pang yo Techno Valley, Won Samsung Digital City, two thousand and SK Unix can continue to Seagram and London experience he added.

■ yunseokyeol to choose change, education ‧ ‧ public administration innovation can not be

On behalf of the forces released by the candidate Won Hee-ryong Sendai Policy, General Manager of the National yunseokyeol is not a problem that can be selected by the change can not be denied the 4th Industrial Revolution, it focused on the fact that more and more accelerated.

Won Hee-ryong Head of the 4th industrial revolution and the changes taking place in technology at the same time, after the past Employer will recognize that progress at the same time without choice is not a technological change that can go followed by the division of labor or before, he said.

Then, he added, As the convergence differentiation and division of labor between industrial areas of knowledge and crumbling springing up all the knowledge industry added value of the new range and form problems that arise every day and every hour.

As cited, such as survival and coexistence with changes in the 4th Industrial Revolution to the topic.

Won Hee-ryong general manager. The innovative technology, data and competitive source of innovation, creating intelligent use of the data and how to create entrepreneurs and professionals in this era of governance, politics must be an answer, he theta luck.

Then, going into an exclusive and excluding technical monopoly and data accumulation and As previously Platforms economy and the division of labor system and the distribution structure of the industry worthy of the platform, the economy did not create a new order, which is a global challenge and in domestic the big challenge, he said.

Yet to accelerate the education supply human resources, jobs and industrial policy, it is a problem and the political problem in wet vested interests and inertia not followed, the public innovation to connect the public and national governance and digital technology innovation and backed by I will pursue the educational and administrative revolution in the innovation, jobs and industry, he said.

Won Division is another while contemplating whether to how to prepare the current majority and future generations beyond the zero-sum logic ttajineun NHA historical averages and the most flexible education system be made to individual customized and administrative share provides transparent data private and should balance the totem the general social scene, he added.

■ Sim Sang-jung digital development and prosperity convenient, only some jueojyeoseo no

Sim Sang-jung Lee EUN Jew per definition a joint fleet Chairperson on behalf of the candidates attending the conference said that the meaning of balanced development requires that no less than the pace of change.

Co-chairman Lee EUN Jew fleet digital competitiveness of Korea is high, but larger digital information gap and platform and the company is constantly occurring conflicts in entered the market, it should be resolved carbon emissions, he said.

As cited in accordance with the situation, recognizing the climate crisis, the main value of the digital switchover strategy, correspondence, Digital Inclusion, Digital ensuring civil rights and so on. It also presented a Green digital switchover in four principles, co-digital and digital democracy, strengthen research and development.

Lee EUN Jew Chairman said, We will reduce the waste of resources to digital conversion through the decarbonization, strengthening social support of social disadvantaged in the digital society to changing and improving the system so unstable sacrifice of IT workers through Sim Sang-jung candidate daemon.

Because Subsequently, a digital market companies never to strike a balance because the leader of the field must be in the right to require the information needed for digital platforms citizens and the potential rights violations and generated for the chief civil security threats Size Study should ensure the ability to innovate and development (R & D) investment, he added.

4 Public Administrations implemented paperless in accordance with the principles and carbon footprint management system introduction, description as possible of artificial intelligence algorithms, the big tech companies April ban provided, covering wage system abolished, tongsinwonga plan introduced, government R & D 40 trillion expansion of detailed planning the naenwatda.

Lee EUN Jew Chairman concluded that digital evolution represented by the 4th Industrial Revolution is integral jueojyeoseo convenience and abundance is only a few steps but some convenient and enrich mankind.

■ AHN Science and Technology national power, hegemonic power indicator

Presidential candidate of the party AHN citizens participated in the pre-recorded video conference on Thursday proposed the initiative for the digital transition.

AHN candidate first and fourth round of industrial revolution on the impact of the history of mankind have heard already that technological, economic, diplomatic, security, folded in a body, period, said Technology is the key to national power was the leading indicator of future supremacy he theta luck.

Then, the whether the United States and technological alliance, the South Korea in the Chinese and US competition built some survival strategies to build strategic value was the maximum buzzword and 4th industrial revolution, Iran Keywords digital conversion is by far the second a connection will be killed over a matter of national survival and national existence at buying a wellness dimension of the problem is the national governing networks and platforms to buy and eat a hegemonic power, he said.

No candidates for the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution growth needs, and raise attract potential growth of human rights and welfare are continually available as he for technical sovereignty requires global cooperation and infrastructure, components, products, services, etc. patchwork for the citizens and businesses, and predicted that if play in the digital playground will be competing nations made Roku in the palm of Buddha.

He put the national philosophy concluded that must be resolved to the low birthrate aging society, economic polarization and inequality, carbon-neutral, infectious diseases are science and technology, not ideology or religion, key to solve the challenges of the state science and technology leadership, he said.