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Pokemon Go: Today the occasion “April, April 2022” with Ditto – all surprises and content

When will the occasion take place? The event is currently today, on April 1, 2022, started at 00:00 local time. You have the entire day to use the unique attributes of the event. It will finish tonight at 23:59 regional time.

Today, on 01 April 2022, Inpokémon Go runs an April Fool’s Event, where Ditto is the focus. We from Meinmmo have actually seen us what that is for an event and show you all web content.

Now all contents are currently formally recognized. Under the name “April, April 2022: a DITTO calamity” everything will certainly reverse the Lilafarben Transform Pokémon. Which shinys as well as generates anticipate you during the event and also what shocks you can eagerly anticipate, we have summarized you below (via

What is this for an occasion? Today is the 01st April as well as certainly, Pokémon Go is also poked fun at the day. Therefore, Niantic will send you today with a special event in April. The initial indicators of the joke occasion already showed a find of the pokeminers.

All occasion surprises to the DITTO catastrophe

Even if the DITTO occasion prolongs only on April 1, you can eagerly anticipate one or the various other special attribute. The adhering to shocks holds “April, April 2022” for you:

  • The new unique research “April, April 2022”, in which Teacher Willow does not quite himself
  • All tasks as well as rewards of April unique research study have actually been summed up below
  • New field research study jobs in which your ditto ought to capture
  • Ditto is now hiding behind new wild Pokémon
  • Mini Occasion: “A Ditto-Tastic Shock”
  • New Ditto sticker labels to Pokéstops, gifts as well as the store

Mini Occasion: A Ditto-Tastic Surprise

Special Ditto April Fools’ 2022 Event in Pokemon GO

Tonight you can expect an unique mini-event, which certainly Ditto will play a main function. For a duration of 3 hours, the adhering to Pokémon will generate extra frequently:

Pokémon, which you can likewise experience in your amazing shape, we have noted with a star (*).

When begins a ditto-tactical shock? The mini-event work on 01 April 2022 from 17:00 to 20:00 local time. So you have adequate time to get you a ditto.

  • Rettan *
  • Nebulak *
  • NATU *
  • Go
  • Finneon
  • Lithomith *
  • Fluffling

Behind which Pokémon can you find Ditto?

On the event of today’s Ditto Calamity, the Convenience Pokémon can currently be located behind various other Wilden Pokémon. From today you can experience a shock after capturing the adhering to beast:

In the following couple of days, a lot is in Pokémon Go. We show you all events in April as well as which are particularly worthwhile.

Today, on 01 April 2022, Inpokémon Go runs an April Fool’s Occasion, where Ditto is the focus. For this factor, Niantic will send you today with a special event in April. Under the name “April, April 2022: a DITTO disaster” whatever will turn around the Lilafarben Transform Pokémon. The occasion is already today, on April 1, 2022, started at 00:00 local time. Just how do you locate today’s ditto occasion?

Understanding, behind which monsters Ditto camouflets is necessary to help you fix special research study and also area study jobs.

How do you find today’s ditto event? Or can you discover such an event rather monotonous as well as would certainly you choose to want various other Pokémon?

There is Ditto as Shiny? Yes, Ditto can likewise be captured in its amazing kind.

Netmarble, Netmarble Pro Baseball 2022 Launched today

[Data provided: Netmarble]

\ – Implementation of actual players and 10 doubt duplicate graphics

Netmarble Pro-Baseball 2022 Gameplay || ×× who won? ????!!
Career mode that can grow ‘my own athlete’… Convenience High Landscape / Vertical Screen Switching

Released to enjoy the game before the opening of the KBO League

Netmarble said that the Mobile Baseball Game (Developer: Netmarble and Park) was formally released on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store today (30th).

is a real baseball game released by Netmarble and Park. The external and specific figs of the actual players and the stadium of the ten clubs were implemented in a daily graphic. Only the dictionary download that started on the 29th, the Apple App Store is showing the first place in the app store.

In particular, it is possible to create a new fun through the ‘Career Mode’ that can create and grow ‘my own athlete’, and use their own teams with real players. In addition, it has increased the convenience of users with free horizontal and vertical screen switches, and you can enjoy a variety of content, including player cards that reflect actual records, professional baseball core scenes.

Netmarble said, “The 2022 KBO launched ahead of the opening of the league,” he said, “” We focus on all competencies to faithfully communicate to the users, I would be able to be satisfied with it. “

Netmarble prepared a variety of events commemorating this formal launch. First of all, we will proceed with the ‘Special Attendance Event’, which will attend the Diamond Player Card Pack for 14 days, and the game play will also take a ladder and golden ball events that can earn compensation for the game.

For more information on , can be found in official community .

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