Hello Games Skin today another, thick update for no man’s sky out. From now on, players in the free Outlaw update can provide new skirmishers with the pirates.

The hitherto rather resistant fraction of the pirates spreads rapidly and increases in the course of a colonization field train recently room stations as a base and occupied surrounding systems to promote smuggling transactions.

In the new update, players can now either counteract them or bend themselves for fructeless smuggling activities with them.

Furthermore, the number of places for ships from 6 to 9 was increased. Thus, players should also have room for the new solar spaceship.

In addition, you can send ships to your fleet beyond the new squadron function in the fight.

The Outlaw Update of No Man’s Sky contains these playful innovations:

  • Outlaw stations: Leglosis have taken over the room stations in the whole galaxy!
  • Solar Spaceship: The first new spaceship in No Man’s Sky since the beginning of the year 2020 is a high-teched, sophisticated aviator.
  • Smuggling: Illegal goods purchased in non-legislative systems can be smuggled in the regulated room where they can be sold with great profit.
  • Freight inventories: All players, not only the smugglers, will benefit from the introduction of special freight investments in all spaceships.
  • Squadron: Players can now recruit their own personal squadron of wing men and upgrade to support them in the fight of ship to ship!
  • Space fight: The space fight has been rebalanced to increase speed and tension.


Look at the brand new trailer to the Outlaw update.