Motoring fans have probably followed carefully the outcome of F1 with duel full of suspense between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. But on the sports side, the TEAM BDS players also roared to win the first Major of the season. Victory is so much more beautiful that in the great end they beat NRG, a US team; Therefore, we can say with pride that once again EU> Na in another electronic sport as it is the Rocket League

The French M0NKEY M00N and Extra, as well as your Spanish companions Marc BY 8 and Karl made this great feat. They deserved the cash prize of $90,000 promised to the winners and the 601 points of the circuit. Team BDS achieves the pole position in the European ranking and aspires more than ever to qualify for the world championship at the end of the season. However, we will have to be concentrated on the end, since the road is still very long and there are still 2 majors for playing by then (winter and spring).

EU> NA in quality and quantity!

BDS vs NRG @Set2 | RLCS 2021-22 Fall Split Major | Team BDS vs The General NRG | 12 December 2021
Team BDS did not shake his pulse in the great ending against NRG with a 2-0 victory. The first round was much faster (4-1) and although the second was much closer (4-3), we never really feel at players in danger. Full trusted after an almost perfect tournament (just a defeat against FAZE CLAN), the players were mentally strong to resist the awakening of Americans.

But beyond Team BDS, it was the European region in its set that shone. While the Playoffs were played with 8 teams, they were 4 the representatives European in the final phase: Team BDS (champion), SMPR ESPORTS (Semifinals), Digital and Endpoint (quarterfinals). Even if Team Vitality was lost the elimination phase, Europe was the most represented region during the playoffs. North America had only 3 representatives and the last ticket was obtained by the amazing players from Saudi Arabia, Sand rock Gaming. These have shown that, although the region of the Middle East and North Africa can be a minor region, it is able to compete with the crème de la crème.

Team BDS, at the head of the European ranking

With this victory, Team BDS takes the leadership of the European ranking and takes a step forward towards the end of the world season. With 1251 points, I go ahead to Endpoint Ex (1012 points) and Digital (1001 points). Behind, SMPR ESPORTS is clearly visible in the rearview mirror with 950 points and Team Vitality is cling like this to the Top 5 (qualifying for the world championship) with 580 points. The bees will inevitably be disappointed this weekend with premature elimination, but still add 140 points. The season is still long and all the points are worth it in this race of resistance. Players can now rest and enjoy the Christmas season. The next great meeting is EN 2022 with Winter Regional from January 21 to 23. It will be an opportunity for Carmine Corp (390 points) approaches the Top 5 after a discreet start of season.