The Star Wars galaxy goes beyond films and Live Action series. From the clone wars, to star wars rebels, the animated world has played a very important role in the current canon. In this way, many were looking forward to more information about the second season of The Bad Batch _. Fortunately, During Star Wars Celebration, the first trailer of this new season was finally revealed.

Star Wars The Bad Batch Season 2 Official Teaser Trailer | Disney+
Shared for the general public during a panel in Star Wars Celebration, it has been reaffirmed that The second season of The Bad Batch will arrive at Disney+ at some point in this year’s fall . Similarly, the first advance of the new adventures of Clone Force 99 was shown.

The first season of the Bad Batch developed after the events of Order 66, and it seems that this new season will show us a little more about how the empire was formed, and the clones began to be set aside. Previously, we saw the appearance of CAD BANE, Fennec Shand and Captain Rex, so the possibility of seeing more cameos of this style in the future is not ruled out.

Remember, The second season of the Bad Batch will arrive at Disney+ in the fall of 2022 . In related issues, here we tell you what happens in the first trailer of the ahsoka series. Similarly, these are the first details of tals of the Jedi, animated anthology for Disney+.

Editor’s note:

The Bad Batch has the potential to be one of the best animated Star Wars series. However, the first season was somewhat slow, I hope that the mistakes of the past do not replicate with the second season, and let’s see something totally new for this time in the Canon of Star Wars.