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Finding a work agreement with a Bis subsidized network

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The Playard announced on the 30th that he has signed a Memorandum of Age (MOU) for a strategic agreement with a Visual Net Inner (Representative Lee Chang-hoon) and a strategic work agreement.

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The two companies are a policy that combines the P2P server engine technology of the play ad and the P2P server engine technology of the network.

The ‘Proudnet’, which is a network, is a P2P server and a network engine specialized in real-time multiplayer games. Nexon ‘Mabinogi Heroes’, Netmarble ‘Monster’, ‘Seven Knights’ and ‘Marble Futa Fight’ are in use in more than 250 games around the world.

Through this strategic business agreement, both companies combine agreement with PEER TO Peer blocks by combining agreement algorithms of play adhesion to the protrudent P2P server technology of Net Inners.

In addition, it is a policy to enhance the game ecosystem, which is a block chain, and realizes the share value of the block chain and realized the shared value of the block chain by strongly encouraging the use of P2P network engines with a block chain.

The general member Play Adventor’s general is “aware of the network method to be able to build a Net Inner and a block chain, which holds a unique technology in the server engine technology,” he said. I think that the ‘P2P server’ is better than the client server model. It is possible to record the game use record on the block chain and provide reward compensation in a reasonable way for participants and realize persistent game services I will cooperate with my best to work. “

Lee Chang-hoon Net Incendo said, “I am glad to be able to collaborate in a play ad for competitiveness in overseas markets and blocks,” he said. “He said.

Mass start: BÖ sovereign

The German biathlon men have not won a medal for the first time in the Olympic Winter Games for the first time. In the final mass start on Friday in Chinese Zhangjiakou, Benedikt Doll became a eighth of the best DSV ski hunter. The 31-year-old made six shooting mistakes and had 2: 31.4 minutes behind the new Olympic champion Johannes Thingnes Bö.

Bart Swings (BEL) | Mass Start M | ISU World Cup Speed Skating | Salt Lake City | #SpeedSkating
The Norwegian won his fourth gold with these winter games and thus introduced the brand of his compatriot Ole Einar Björndalen from the playing 2002 in Salt Lake City. In the mountains northwest of Beijing, silver went to Martin Ponsiluoma from Sweden, which was 40.3 seconds back. Bronze picked Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen from Norway 1: 12.5 minutes behind the winner.

Johannes Kühn was 2: 38.3 minutes behind BÖ with five shots of thousand, Roman Rees became 14th and had after three penalties 2: 50.8 minutes behind. Philipp Nawrath came as 23. After seven shooting errors 3: 55.7 minutes to BÖ to the finish.

Until half the 15-kilometer race, Nawrath and Doll were still promising, fell decisively after three or two criminal trials in the first shooting shooting. With a big wind and minus 17 degrees, Doll and Nawrath met only one of the five slices at the last shoot and had four penalty trials.

Bathlets like in Vancouver without medal

This ends the Biathlon competitions for the DSV men as last 2010 in Vancouver and only for the second time without noble metal. Thanks to the women, there were a total of two medals for the German team. In the first single race Denise Herrmann Gold had brought over 15 kilometers, the women’s season laid with bronze. Four years ago in Pyeongchang there were still seven times noble metal. Highlights were twice gold for Laura Dahlmeier and once for Arnd Peiffer. Both have meanwhile resigned.

The result at a glance

Medal mirror

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