The number 7 of the Golden League shows great games where the champion Zeu5 Bogotá continues Arriving the next phase of the tournament is very intense and the squads continue to show the tricks they practice in their rest days.

The first duel was by Brave Rising against Spirituals playing with a Kayle at the top in the hands of Kim who showed the power of the fair to keep his rival at bay, the power of the deer would be present by achieving Generate a very strong pressure, with a great boom the spiritual team put things in their favor to get the victory in their favor with an important point.

The second game placed Zeu5 Bogotá against Brave Rising where surprisingly Ichiwin took an ornn in the lower lane that ended up being a nightmare for the braves, being accompanied by a sinna of Hobbler they put to tremble The rivals that would gradually fall during the confrontation to let the current champions of the link take the victory.

In the third meeting Spirituals I fought against Osaka taking in the middle part to a syndra in the hands of Hang who would have an inspiring day where gold would come to his bags thanks to the murders he got early by putting To shake the rivals, the meeting was put in favor of the Osaka team who managed to settle the match at minute 30.

For the fourth game we see Mayan Esports against Pro42 with a game that was dominated from the beginning by Catan using a Jinx to use the deadly rocket to destroy the rivals on several occasions, a confrontation tilted from The beginning for felines who managed to increase the advantage and that would close the confrontation to their favor with a very important triumph.

Closing the day we see Awake Gaming against Nocta where empanadita took a lilia in the jungle that would persecute the rivals for the whole map to show them the gray color in their life, the confrontation was tilted at certain times for no night but The power of the awakening would show a better balance to take the reins and obtain a victory that would keep them in the second position of the table.

The seventh date of the Colombian League ends where the Lobos de Bogotá continue The positions of the league could change.