After a long test phase, Blizzard and Netease Games set the world release date of Diablo Immortal on June 2, 2022. Mojamed during his announcement at a time when fans expected rather to hear about Diablo 4, the Free -TO-PLAY will be available on mobile but also on Cross-Play PC.

Last-minute surprise to forget for good the awkward ads of the blizzcon 2018, this diablo whose history takes place between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 will also be playable on PC from June 2nd as part of an open beta. In addition to providing basic game information, including the available classes, the official website allows players to register on its favorite platform, knowing that Blizzard and Netease Games already have 30 million curious.

Diablo Immortal | Release Date & PC Reveal

Although playable on PC, Blizzard continues to qualify Diablo Immortal episode “Thought for the mobile”, knowing that the cross-play and the shared progress will be at the rendezvous. The fact that the PC version launches open beta suggests that Blizzard will be attentive to the impressions of the purists from June 2nd. “ At the end of the open beta on PC, you will be able to keep your progress and all your purchases“, confirms in any case the press release. In addition, that you play on mobile or PC, Diablo Immortal will be compatible with the controllers.

“_Jamais We did not come out of a diablo game of such magnitude. Diablo Immortal will include a larger number of different areas, countless unique clashes and all kinds of satisfactory ways to decimate demons. Diablo Immortal is also the first MMOARPG. From the Diablo franchise: players and players will indeed have the opportunity to build relationships, play and explore the world freely with others, in a revolutionary way. “, Can we read.


Diablo Immortal – Trailer Exit Date (PC and Mobile)