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Good gaming laptop computer with RTX 3070 currently at the cheapest price at Alternative

It is also the most beneficial laptop with GeForce RTX 3070, while comparably geared up models begin with 1,299 euros. The length of time the offer is valid is unknown.

Cheaper, the version was not readily available up until now and other traders start even from around 1,400 euros.

So great is the rate: The Asus Tuf Dash F15 with Geforce RTX 3070 as well as Core i7 cpu is currently available at for 1,249 euros as opposed to 1,799 Euro RRP. There are additionally 6,99 Euro shipping costs. presently has a just as geared up as rated gaming laptop with the Asus Tuf Dash F15.

Now to the offer at Alternating

This uses the model

Asus’ Tuf Dash F15 has actually been released in the center of in 2015 and also features the FX516PR-HN103T equipment variant beside the present Games completely HD RTX 3070 (with 85 watt throttling) using an Intel Core i7-11370H with four CPU cores and 8 strings.

Various other attributes include 15.6 inch display diagonal (approx. 40 centimeters) with matte IPS panel in Full HD and also 144 Hertz Picture Refresh Regularity including Flexible Sync, 16 GB of RAM, and a fast PCIe SSD with 512 GB and preinstalled Windows 10 Home.

testimonials and test

Great evaluations: In two evaluations on, the laptop computer got 5 out of 5 points.

Above all, efficiency, equipment, battery life as well as volume are applauded at still.

The number of CPU cores is fed in one situation while in the other evaluation it is taken into consideration enough for pc gaming.

The throttling of the GPU is also spread rather while the display is largely ideal for interior. The design comes away rather well, which shows itself in the examination.

In the test: The site Allround-pc. com had checked a somewhat better-equipped variation with 240-Hertz screen as well as a buy recommendation pronounced:

Neatly conserving can be presently readily available at the Easter supplies from, where several short articles from a wide range of groups are lowered by up to 40 percent.



  • Cpu restricts the performance potential.
  • No cam.
  • Mediocre Touchpad & Audio Speaker.
  • Key-board does not offer RGB lights, but only turquoise.

  • Compact as well as relatively easy.

  • Fast PCIe SSD.
  • Thunderbolt 4.
  • Excellent pc gaming performance.
  • Thoughtful air conditioning idea.

Overall, the brand-new TUF model uses a really excellent performance despite the Intel cpu in a portable housing. Some links built on this page are associate web links. When getting over these links meets depending on the company a little payment without influence on the cost. A lot more details.

Extra deals.

Some web links improved this web page are affiliate links. When acquiring over these web links fulfills depending on the supplier a tiny commission without influence on the rate. Extra information.

For example, several 4K Televisions include a few top SSDs from Samsung as well as different pc gaming monitors. Additional current deals can also be discovered on our Deals overview web page.

Total, the brand-new TUF version offers an extremely good efficiency despite the Intel processor in a compact housing. […] >
Allround-pc. com.

RTX 3060 vs 3070 Gaming Laptop - Worth Paying More For 3070?
Currently to the offer at Alternate.

WhatsApp: Police warn against fiesem tricks – users should worry

The police warns of a new WhatsApp trick. Especially families are the focus of the scammers.

Marburg-Biedenkopf – “Hello Mom, my phone has broken. This is my new number, the old you can delete! “Would you recognize this WhatsApp message * as a fraud attempt? Such a message should allow users however in the future. Behind it could be a nasty fraud mesh.

WhatsApp Warning: Police set up important appeal to users

Scam alert: law enforcement warns that scammers may now come to your door to ask for money

As the police communicates Mittelhessen, this is a resourceful fraud in many cases. If one goes on this contact, therefore a little later news, in which the supposed offspring asks for money, so the police. At the latest, WhatsApp users should take action to check the identity of the writer, HNA.DE *.

Ebendies experienced a pensioner living in the middle of February. After saving the number of his alleged daughter, he received a request via WhatsApp * from her: on the old phone, her account data had been and she had to carry out a transfer. Whether he could take care of it? It was a whopping 2150 euros (more Digital News * at WhatsApp)

Fieser WhatsApp Trick: Police gives tips – wearing fraud attempts to display

In the case of the Lord of Biedenkopf, however, turned everything to the good. Because: The pensioner was a former police officer who looked through the WhatsApp Mesh *. Instead of a transfer, there was an ad from him, the police report.

For several months, this kind of fraud attempt was on the rise. Often the scammers turn their miesen tricks very subtle and sent. The Criminal Police Marburg-Biedenkopf asks for increased attention and to note the following tips at WhatsApp:

WhatsApp scam: Warning of Fieser Mesh – Scammers want to get the money of users

Scammers have already discovered WhatsApp as a promising platform for their machinations. With a relentless fraud mesh, you can use the well-known granded trick as close relatives of your potential victims on WhatsApp * or ask as a supposed friend a WhatsApp code , with which your own account can be stolen. _ is WieWhatsApp part of the editorial network of

Category list picture: © Police Headquarters Mittelhessen, Imago, Collage: WhatsApp

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