Industry Insider Live 04/13/2022
[Moon Young-soo Moon Young-soo Reporter] The Korea Creative Content Agency (Director Cho Hyun-rae) revolutionizes unreasonable regulations and solves the inconvenience and suggestions of the company to revitalize the content industry (K-Contents ” On -site support group) announced on the 4th that it has officially launched.

The K-Content Field Support Group was designed to support the growth of the content industry by solving the grievances of the content industry.

Hankonjin will open a K-Content Site Support Team in the auditor’s office to receive the inconvenience and suggestions of contents companies and workers, and promote consulting and system improvement through problems analysis and diagnosis. In addition, the continuous tracking management of the issues received will be solved until workers and companies are satisfied.

Hankonjin will operate the K-Content Field Support Group, focusing on the permanent audit of Jeon Bon-hee, who took office in March, and will focus on solving the industry’s difficulties through aggressive administration. In addition to the K-Content Field Support Group, various systems will be implemented to lead the active administrative environment that ‘solve and helps’ content companies’ as my work.

The Hankonjin Auditor’s Office will help the business department actively through preliminary consulting audits when it is difficult to judge or unclear issues or voter interpretation. In addition, the company plans to strengthen the system that can encourage and settle the active administrative culture in the institution, such as preparing detailed operation of administrative immunity and rewarding the excellent administrative excellent administrative.

Cho Hyun-rae, Director of the Korea Content Agency, said, “K-content is expanding indefinitely and becoming a future food industry. I will support it to resolve it. ”

Jeon Bon-hee, Hankonjin Audit, said, “We will try to spread the active administrative culture that deals with the difficulty of the content industry through the K-Content Section Support Group and various active administrative systems.”