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Item Bay, Mir M will be released for Google Gift Card.

[Item Bay Park Ye-jin reporter] Item Bay will hold a Mir M launch event until the 20th of next month. ‘Mir M: Vanguard & Baga Bond’ is Wemade’s Mobile large-scale multi-sized part-in-one role-playing game (MMORPG).

The first event is ‘payment by mission’. After clicking on the event on the event page, you can get two gold coins once a day when registering Mir M-related sales, and 50 or 100 gold coins can be obtained when the sale is completed.

The accumulated 50 gold coins, 100, and 150 can receive Google Gift Cards 1,000 won, 5,000 won, and 10,000 won, respectively, and Google Gift Card 500,000 won, 200,000 won We plan to pay additional prizes of 100,000 won.


The second event is a ‘discount coupon package’ for buyers, and members who visit the item bay event page will be issued a total of three coupons (2,3,5,000 won) that can receive discounts when trading Mir M Game item. Can.

In addition, Mir M is applied to the character activation promotion game. When trading specific game-related items and game money through character activation promotion, some of the purchases are earned as mileage. Target games include Mir M, Diablo Immortal, Dunpamo Mobile, Traha Infiniti, Undis Neptier, Lineage Series, Odin, and Blade & Soul 2.

An official of the Item Bay said, This summer, the heat of all generations is coming, and we have prepared an event that contains cool benefits such as discounts on transaction fees by game company, including Google Gift Card.

New resources appeared in MMO FRACTURED Online and city raids returned

Closed beta testing FRUCTURED Online continues, and this week the Dynamight Studios team added a little more content, expanding the Aehern world at the expense of the island of dawn, new resources, improvements in magical staff and urban raids.

Crystal elements live on the island of dawn, in which you can get new abilities, such as Crystalline Skin, Crystalline Touch, Crystal Shackles and Primal Storm. The new island will also bring two types of sulfurite resources and platinum, which so far they have not been available.

Another change in this update, along with the addition of a new territory, is an updated map made in a more stylized form. Including the map appeared on the map the player’s corpse in the form of a skull.

The developers updated the states of magicians, adding new visual and sound effects, and also made some functional changes. In an attempt to make magicians more competitive, each staff, with the exception of the staff of the primitive, will now have a unique property. The poison staff now has +5 glasses of poison per blow, and the energy staff uses a 15% decrease in the time of action.


Among other things, city raids returned to FRACTURED Online. One city can start a raid against another on the same continent, regardless of whether they are neighbors. As a reward, players will receive gold and other resources.

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