Last year, fans around the world had the opportunity to enjoy Zack Snyder’s Justice League, film that finally showed us the authentic vision that this filmmaker had for this team of superheroes. It is when Cyborg begins to have visions about a future where Superman becomes bad, but what do these scenes really mean?

Well, as I told you, all this is part of the plans of Snyder for the sequels of Justice League. Actually, this distopted future, known as Knightmare , was going to be fundamental for the plot of Justice League 2 and 3 . In the words of Snyder :

Cyborg VISION EXPLAINED || Knightmare Scene 2.0

“Darkseid reaches Earth. Superman tells Batman, ‘protects Lois. This is a war between Darkseid and me. If you can help me as a friend, then he takes care of Lois. ‘In the midst of these alien attacks, Luthor is allied with Darkseid. Lex tells Darkseid that the key to beat Superman is to kill Lois Lane. For the reason you want, Batman fails and Darkseid returns to kill Lois. “

Basically, superman blames batman for the death of Lois and from there, he decides to get rid of the rest of humanity. Sadly, and as we already know, Warner has canceled all the plans that could have had Snyder for this DCEU , so we will never have the opportunity to know how this story was going to develop.

Editor’s note: It is a real pity that Snyder has never been able to advance with him for the future of the DCEU. The truth is that this director did deserve a second chance, and there was a lot that he could have done with this version of these superhero classics.