Another big Call of Duty Warzone Update is on the way next week and next to the huge Warzone Godzilla event, which takes place in May, there is a lot going on what you can look forward to. Raven Software introduces 3 four new weapons in Warzone, which will surely shake up the Warzone Meta, but Caldera Iron Trials will challenge the players like never before and the new POI locations will be worth a visit.

If you are an experienced Warzone player, you will know what Iron Trials is going on – although we have never seen this playlist played on Caldera. Traditionally, Iron Trials offer the players an increased basic health at a lower health regeneration rate. The prices for buying stations are increased and there is no free PC players 24-drops.

At the beginning of this year, Warzones Rebirth Island Iron Trials were also introduced with PC players 24 restrictions – such as the removal of Dead Silence and Stopping Power Rounds – and a changed booty pool. The patch notes for Warzone Season 3 come next week, so we should then have a confirmed rule set, but you expect this to be the hardest challenge that Caldera has offered the players so far.

Elsewhere on the Roadmap of Warzone Season 3, Raven software has revealed a number of card changes – including new POI locations – indicating the beginning of the Operation Monarch and the appearance of two legendary monsters: Kong and Godzilla.

Dig Site, a new POI between the ruins and the mine, houses the remains of several huge “snake creatures,” said the Call of Duty Blog. With the opportunity to collect decent loot and a few contracts, this could be a fantastic place if you are looking for something new.

In addition, Runway, Lagoon and Peak were updated for Warzone Season 3.


“All buildings on the peak are fully built, with a fresh paint that reveals the symbol of the mysterious global organization called Monarch,” explains the Call of Duty Blog. The runway was also modernized, the area was built with several new structures that replace the jungle areas around the main landscape. The changing tides also opened a new way to the lighthouse in the lagoon, so you expect that this will be better accessible in the future.

The Call of Duty Warzone Season 3-Roadmap looks a bit bright in terms of Warzone content, but we are sure that this is only because you save some content for the release date of Warzone Operation Monarch. The Call of Duty Support Studio Toys for Bob has developed a new Gulag, Hold, for Season 3, and the Mid Season Update promises exciting.