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Producer of the Halo series did not take into account the games

The series of _ halo _ is nothing to get to Paramount +. In this way, several interviews with the actors and producers began to emerge, among them that of us. Thus, it has been announced that one of the managers of this show, did not take into consideration the games, since the show is focused on telling its own story.

For a long time it was known that the halo series would not be Canon, something that would give greater freedom to the writers when creating the story for the show. During an interview with Variety, Steven Kane, Executive producer of the first season, confessed that they are not taking into consideration much of the games to create this series . This was what he commented:

“We do not look at the game. We do not talk about the game. We talk about the characters and the world. So I never felt limited for being a game. “

Of course, this does not mean that the Halo series does not take into account the extensive history of the halo universe, quite the opposite. However, the approach is to create your own timeline by taking the bases that we already know . It will be interesting to see how production decides to cover some of the most striking points of Xbox’s work.

The Halo series will arrive at Paramount + next March 24 . On related topics, here you can check our interview with Kiki Wolfkill, the producer of the Halo series. In the same way, here is our talk with Pablo Schreiber, actor of Master Chief.

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Editor’s note:

The Halo series is its own history, and it is not bad to get away from the well-known concepts to create something original. The interesting thing will be to see how this will be achieved. Everything will depend on this.

Gog: More Free

The computer system game Dungeon Caretaker (English, easily equated Kerkermeister ) is a real-time method video game from 1997 in which the player builds underground spatial facilities (supposed dungeons) to settle monsters with which he can dominate the abyss. To name a few things, the game is identified by its initial scene as well as the periodic turnaround of the role-games roll circulation: Here, the gamer as the Boxer warlord leads the monsters, while the opponents great heroes represent.

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Roguelike for fans of The Darkest Dungeon

The fact that the download of the round-based Roguelike RPG is especially worthwhile for fans of The Darkest Dungeon read in the linked special. In Status, she slips into the role of verminous Status and tries to free him from captivity in the dungeon and to lead him to world domination. Game impressions will receive you in the following video. Status: Lord of the Dead will secure you until January 5, 3 pm, for free. If you put the title until then in your game collection, you can play it as often as you like and keep it permanently.

Winter Sale ends on January 5th

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