The developers of MMORPG Blade & Soul shared fresh details about updating the Tiger School. The update, which will be released today, will add a certain amount of new content to the game and correct a number of technical errors.

With the release of the patch in the game, the number of Hon’s paths to 45, the sphere of the desire of heaven and the stone of the spirit-defender of the salty lake, and the list of tasks will be replenished. The plot missions of 12 acts are still available in the amount of six, but over time we will be told the continuation of the story. Also, with the installation of an update when creating a character of race lin, you can choose a class of a shadow master, and when underground passes at a high level of complexity, we will observe the replacement of the effect of instant death with a consumption of 90% of the character’s hitpinds.

Blade & Soul New Update
Of course, without balanced and technical lines in patches, it will also not do, read more details about changes here.