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Marauders stands on the “abyss of a new genres”

The Hardcore Extraction Looter genre was recently dominated by a game and a game, and that’s Escape from Tarkov. Developers have tried to interfere with a piece of cake, just to fail somewhere on the way. Small Impact Games, the team behind Marauders, but is a game that will get the first public demo in which we will see a whole wave of new extraction shooter games in the near future.

Cameron Small and James Rowbotham by Small Impact Languages ​​with The PC Player 24 after an exclusive view of the game and believe that we are “on the abyss of a new genres”. While there are certainly games that live up to this loot shooter experience, none of the experience brings to the point like Escape from Tarkov – and these two knows that the attention of the developing world has drawn.

“I think we’ll soon see that other competitive titles appear,” says Small. “But I think we arrive at a good point. I do not say that it will be like Battle Royale and will explode this thing and everyone will do it, but I know that people are hungry afterwards.

“I’m sure ten teams already work on the genre – and I already know five.”

Marauders - Official Full Reveal Trailer

Small Impact relies on this hunger to Marauders, a game that shares part of its core DNA with Tarkov and other shooters such as Fear, Vigor, Rust and Dayz. Although it is not quite as hardcore like Tarkov, Small admits that the team has added something to “leniency” how to make extraction points more visible and simplify the healing process to bring new players to the genre.

“We have a diagram where Marauders land in the hardcore spectrum,” says Small. “Tarkov is far left, Fortnite is right and pub is in the middle. We are in terms of recording and play only slightly left of pubg, but we are closer to Tarkov, because we are unforgiving. “

Small knows that he will not win the die-hard Tarkov fans for themselves, but he wants to give them – and battlestate “something else to chew”. “We do not even want to compete with Tarkov,” adds Rowbotham, “we just want to create our own room.”

With a game that is aligned, to bring more people into a slightly irreconcilable genre, Marauders will be anxious early early access phase – especially with his realistic Ki – interesting.

Genus Mpp CT La Den Shogun Bob S Puzza: Uei Mangen Eye CT CT MARDO MARBS S Building GT

Version 2.5 of Genshin Impact “When The Sakura Bloom” is there and gives the players the opportunity not only Yae Miko, the new 5-star electro-Catalyst users of the game to take into their team, but also the Electro Shogun to put in a new weekly boss fight. Against this background, how to expect is not an easy task to face the shogun in combat, and will prove itself for experienced players as a challenge. To make sure that you not only defeat the boss, but also get the materials needed to crown Yae Miko triple, find out how you defeat the Raiden Shogun Boss in Genshin Impact.

Understanding the Raid Shogun Boss

First of all, it is important to point out that the Raiden Shogun Boss has two forms, each of which has its own moveset. In its normal form, the Shogun uses a mixture of electro-combo attacks from close proximity and a series of AOE attacks. It will also remain mobile and take an aggressive attitude, as a hit accelerates the speed through its attacks, with which the BOSS Ominous Destiny accumulates. After this is, it will enter your second form, or you state the ominous shadow chest as soon as the counter is fully increased your damage and overall resistance and simultaneously enabling them to run AOE attacks with high damage at high speed and to run a one-shot-Move called “The Final Calamity”.

How to defeat the boss of Raiden Shogun in Genhin Impact

If you face the shogun in its normal form, we recommend that you stay mobile and focus on creating heavy elementary damage. Do not forget that your attacks will also rob you of your energy, so do not focus too much on it, and just focus on creating as much harm as possible, and remain ready for jumps and well-tensioned sprints. Defeating the many illusions that the boss will place in the field is also a great way to increase the damage as it is stunned and gives your team the opportunity to cause massive damage at low risk.

As soon as the Ominous Destiny display of the Shogun has expired and it enters Baleful Shadowlord condition, build a sign immediately, as it gets both extremely aggressive and a wide arsenal gets on far-reaching and devastating AOE attacks. To survive this, just focus on staying alive while dividing as much elementary / reaction damage as possible from a safe distance, which accelerates the rate with which their mater decreases. It is also important to point out that the only way to escape their ability “The Final Calamity” is to recharge the ball that she lies back on the field. In this sense, Osobald the ad is completely used up, the condition of the Baleful Shadowlord ends and the shogun is stunned. If this happens, go to the whole thing and add as much harm as possible as it has -25% resistance to all kinds of damage while stunned. It is important to point out that it is actually possible to defeat it without allow you to enter your awakened state, so keep it in mind.

Recommended characters

Taking into account all that we said above, we recommend that you use your best elementary DPS, with our main recommendations Hu Tao, Ayaka, Yoimiya or Ganyu, as they are not energy-dependent and can do massive damage to them skillful / normal / Charged attacks. The bringing of Bennett is also a must, as they can use his Elemental Burst to increase overall damage against a weakened shogun, and thanks to its ability to quickly produce particles, for healing skills. In addition to increasing the survival, we also recommend that you either bring Albedo, as it allows you to trigger a large number of electrical shades, or Zhongli, as it can produce the best shield in the game. Bringing the Raid Shogun can also work very well in the sub-DPS slot, as it will be able to produce a lot of energy, recharge the ball quickly and cause massive burst damage when paired with Bennett.

When the Sakura Bloom Trailer Theme | Genshin Impact Original Soundtrack: Inazuma Chapter

Genshint Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5 and Mobile Devices – Android and iOS. The upcoming version 2.6 of Geekin Impact will not only contain the debut of the 5-star hydro-sword user Kamisato Ayato, but also the debut of two new artifact sets, and the Chasm region should be about 40 to 45 days arrive.

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