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NHN Enterprise, Suncheon City Public Cloud Data Center site Final selection

NHN Enterprise (Representative Kim Dong-hoon) announced that it has completed the site of public cloud data center in Suncheon city.

On March 31, last year, NHN concluded a business agreement (MOU) for public cloud data centers and smart IT business valleys (MOU) with Jeonnam Province (District Kim Young-ro) and Suncheon City (Market Bug), I said it was promoted. NHN Enterprise is expected to work with Data Center and IT Valley for 20 years in Suncheon City to create Data Center and IT Valley.

After the conclusion of the Convention, the three agencies have been conducted for the construction of public cloud data centers and discussed embodiments. Then, through Suncheon City Candidate Actual Division, we confirmed the purchase of the data center site this year, and the detailed tuning was turned on. The last selected site is a place where Soonchon City is promoted by Suncheon City, and it is a place where it is natural for the natural business revolutionary cluster site, so it is also close to the traffic conditions in close proximity to Nutcheon Station and Namhae Expressway Dyosong IC. On April 13, NHN Enterprise held a public cloud transition scheme that shares the site selection results with Soonchun City, and conducted a public cloud conversion scheme that shares the results of site selection results. The three agencies have completed the administrative procedures and published the goal of completing the centers in 4Q024.

Is Public Cloud Cheaper than On Premises Datacenter? | Public vs On-Premises Cloud Solutions

Suncheon City Public Cloud Data Center is one of the first cases of the Public Hall Cooperative Public Cloud Center. By 2025, the Public Data of Jeollanam-do and Mountain, Mount Jeonnam, 22 cities, and the public data of 22 cities and counties, and conduct local Big Data management. NHN Enterprise plans to create a futuristic advanced industrial ecosystem so that it can be set to a core infrastructure that contributes to the creation of IT industry, as well as IT industry activation, as well as IT industry activation, and corporate attracting.

Kim Dong-hoon, “said Kim Dong-hoon said,” It was a good idea of the first shovel of the public cloud data center to build digital innovation by starting the Convention last year due to the Convention last year. ” We will continue to strengthen cooperation for cloud technology conversion and expansion of cloud technology to be the first case of.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The wavy of the war, followed by a large-scale update

Joey City (CEO) said Mobile Strategy Game ‘Carries’ Pirates of the Caribbean: The Wave of the War, “said it was updated on the 23rd, including the new navigator’ Buruur Al Termo (wind).

‘Buruur Alterma (Wind)’ is a new 5-tier saucer specialized in creating variables. She wears a victim to sink to the sinking, and she holds a “experienced command” passive that does not fall under 1 turn, and has a ‘experienced command’ passive, which does not fall below 1, which has the potential to override the whole course.

Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End-The Black Pearl and The Flying Dutchman vs Endeavor
New Year Content Knowledge is an island. The island of knowledge is a content that allows you to obtain a talismanic sculpture and an invitation ticket, and the Talisman and the narrator of other properties are emerged for each day. Users can grasp the attributes of the nauticals that appear on the day of the day, and if you organize it, you can advance to the battle more advantageous.

In addition, store renewal was held. This update has been made to change the number of stores UI, and has been improved to grasp the products more intuitively.

Welcome to spring, the ‘Spring and Lime Tree’ events are held until April 2. Users can acquire events’ s roaming ‘sprinkled’ through mission clear, which can use this to give the lime trees by giving water to pots on a separate event page. Event period You can get a variety of compensation according to the degree of lime tree growth.

More information on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The wave of war’ can be found through the official community.

Kayak “Myokos Koshien! “Smash dungeon going with the saint” in the pocket! New Mane “Puffy” is available!

Kayak Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kamakura City, Nakagawa Prefecture, CEO: Yanagawa Daisuke, Toshizawa Mothers: 3904, and “Kayak”) are currently good fighting sports RPG “Bokura Koshien! Pocket “(for iOS / Android terminal), new event” The Saint and Smash Dungeon-Don’t forgive the bad-dungeon-do not forgive! “Should be implemented from February 22 (Tuesday).

Kayak Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kamakura City, Nakagawa Prefecture, CEO: Yanagawa Daisuke, Toshizawa Mothers: 3904, and “Kayak”) are currently good fighting sports RPG “Bokura Koshien! Pocket “(for iOS / Android terminal), new event” Saint and Saint to go smash dungeon ~ bad diesel is not forgiven! “From February 22 (Tuesday).

# “Vivi and Valentine against Battle” Event Overview

# # Holding period

2/22 (Tuesday) 12:00 to 3/4 (Fri) 12:59

# # Neat but Dougi daughter! ? New Mane “Puffy” appeared!

New characteristics Let’s get Puffy with “Saint” “Doje daughter”!

If you grow two new characteristics until Japan, we will emit only ★ 4 · ★ 5 skill notes!

And 5 out of 8 are ★ 5 and the level is likely to raise the level!

The effect of active skill boost appears with fielder and pitcher naughty!

# # Powerful “Limited Bat” appeared! Let’s advance events!

This limited and finished tools have a powerful cloudy globe!

Bench Active Skills are limited to 4-6 times, and the two capabilities of the other party are super large down, pitcher active skills will be super bigger up to 4-6 times limited!

Furthermore, level 6 is effective for a total of 3 capabilities with additional effects!

Limited and Tools can be skilled to Skill Level 7! ?

[Takumi] appeared in limited and forth!

You can strengthen our skill level 7 by combining the skill level 6 “vision holy water gloves”!

# # Check out luxurious rewards!

Saint Puffy’s charge is individual ranking, and stamps are newly featured in team ranking!

In addition, in the goods exchange, you can get the Holy Body of Puffy’s buddy!

# # Eyeball charge

· Bo Mane
Puffy (first appearance)

· Yakyu tools
★ 5 phantom holy water gloves [Takumi] (first appearance)
★ 6 Elf Series / ★ 6 Galaxy Series
★ 6 Lighting Crown Series / ★ 6 Space Police Series

· Kisekae item
Saint’s bill (first appearance) / Saint’s charging [2P color] (first appearance)
Saint’s Ver (first appearance) / Vere of Saint [2P Color] (First appearance)
Puffy Special Emblem (First Appear) / Puffy’s Saint Beast (First Appearance)
Irrituating / Magic head / Magic Body
Elbow Head / Bronze Leger Head / Mash Head

· In-game stamp
“Recover” stamp (first appearance) / “Hawai ~” stamp (first appearance)

“Bokura Koshien! Pocket” will continue to enhance and update events so that you can enjoy the users in the future.

# “Bokura Koshien! Pocket”

Series Cumulative 10000,000 downloads The latest work of “Bokura Koshien!” Series. The player will be a high school balloon, and we will participate in Koshien and win while working with the members of the same team. It is the best thing to experience teamwork with the nine people fighting the game (the members of the bench can also be held up to 15 people). In addition, it is one of the fun characters, the practice mode that can be fostered while having love with customization, the practice mode that can be continued while enjoying with dice, and the game mode of the opponent team, and the game mode of the bargain.

# “Bokura Koshien! Pocket” Basic Information

■ Genre: GOOGLE PLAY / APP STORE (Google Play / App Store): https: // ■ Supported OS: Android 4.4, ios 10.0 or more ■ Price: Free (in the app There is a charge) ※ Packet communication charges are required to use the app. ■ Planning and Development: Kayak ■ Game Official Site: https: // ■ Official Twitter: https: //

# Kayak Company Profile

Funny Corporate Kayaking strengthens the technical power, planning power and shape that is not bound by the fixed concept, and the new experience with the latest technologies and ideas It offers. Headquartered in Kamakura, about 90% of employees is a creator personnel such as designers and programmers, and “increasing the creating person” is a unique personnel system and region that utilized diversity to the management philosophy I am doing it.

Company name: Kayak URL: City of Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture Section 11-8 Established: Janaki-cho, Janaki-cho, January 21, 2005 Representative Director: Yanagawa Daisuke Shibata Government Kaisuke Tomohara Business Content: Japan Funny Content Business

How to update CYBERPUNK 2077 to PS5 and Xbox Series X

In these moments you can now play _ cyberpunk 2077 _ natively on your ps5 and xbox series x | s. If this will be your first time at Night City, you just need to buy the digital copy and ready. However, if you plan to use your PS4 and Xbox One physical disk, We tell you how to perform the update for free .

Started with Xbox, thanks to the Smart Delivery, with just putting your disc, or updating your digital copy on Xbox Series X | S, You can enjoy cyberpunk 2077 without problems . However, PLAYSTATION users need to follow a series of additional steps.

1.- Insert your PS5 any of the two discs of cyberpunk 2077.

This Kinda SUCKS! - Cyberpunk 2077 Next Gen Update is HERE (PS5/Xbox)

2.- No matter if you had the game installed or not, go to the product page of the game and in the first option, the button to download the PS5 version at no cost.

3.- The download of around 56GB begins.

4.- If you want to save space on your PS5, you can completely erase the PS4 version. They are separate applications.

5.- Enjoy your return to NIGHT CITY.

Along with this, it is not necessary to install or update the version of PS4 to download the improved version of PS5. Next to this, the installation weight is not as big as one would come to think, since only 56 GB of free space is needed.

On related topics, these are all the details of cyberpunk 2077 in the new generation.

Editor’s note:

It is good to see that cyberpunk 2077 is finally available in a consoles that really can run the adventure that CD Projekt Red promised several years ago. Now it is only necessary to know when is that the physical edition of PS5Y Xbox Series X | S is available.

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