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Shared world function appeared in the public test version of the backyard survival GROUNDED

Developer Obsidian Entertainment has added a new Shared Worlds function by implementing the latest part of the public test version of the backyard survival game Grounded , which is currently conducting early access/game previews. Was revealed.

The shared world is stored in the cloud, and sharing with friends can host the world while you are not online.

  • Shares can be owned up to three at the same time.

  • 50 Worlds can be shared.

  • Previous standard world (Standard Worlds) can be converted into a shared world via a save/road menu.

  • The shared world you own or share can be copied and played as a local standard world.

  • The shared world can be played only by hosting it as a multiplayer game.

  • Only one person can host a shared world at a time (other players participate in the hosted game).

  • The progress of the game that occurs while someone hosts the shared world will be restored, regardless of who will host the world.

Obsidian Entertainment also offers examples of use, such as the delivery of a saved world friend and the creation of a shared world that can be accessed from both Steam and Xbox/Windows Store. Please check the official website to access the public test version that can be used by this function. At the moment, the shared world function is a beta version, so it is important to note that there may be problems or reset or delete shared worlds.

Grounded will be released on Windows (Steam, Microsoft Store)/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One on September 27. The production of the anime series based on this work has also been decided.

Checklist The Division Revival Open World?

— This article was updated on July 13, 2022.

The Division Revival will be open world.


_ The Resurrection of the Division has actually been unveiled and brand-new gameplay of the experience has actually been unveiled today. Naturally, lots of followers of the franchise intended to discover as long as possible concerning the game. There will certainly be a totally new story and numerous objectives. This is another extraordinary large-scale video game being created for mobile as well as it will be exciting to see just how it creates. If you haven’t seen the gameplay trailer yet, you may be questioning ifResurrection of the Divisionis an open world. This article will certainly respond to that question for you!

Yes,The Division Resurrectedwill certainly be an open world as well as considered that it’s set in the acquainted location of New york city City, lots of fans will certainly want to have a distinct experience playing it on mobile, and it also promises that this will be the case. Component of the world map has actually been shown in the gameplay trailer as well as it looks superb. There was an area for The Dark Area on the map display, which is good to understand it’s concerning mobile.

_ |* _.

_ The Resurrection of the Division has actually been unveiled and new gameplay of the experience has been unveiled today. If you haven’t seen the gameplay trailer yet, you might be wondering ifResurrection of the Divisionis an open world. Yes,The Division Reanimatedwill certainly without a doubt be an open world and given that it’s established in the acquainted area of New York City, lots of followers will certainly hope to have a distinct experience playing it on mobile, and it also appears likely that this will be the case.

Before starting any type of objectives, like any Division video game, you can move around freely. For a mobile video game, it’s remarkable that there appears to be a great deal to select from. This video game seems to make certain they take benefit of all the brand-new innovations that are readily available for mobile gadgets.

_ The Resurrection of the Division will certainly be available soon for IOS as well as Android.

“S. T. A. L. K.E.R. 2” to the subtitle change. “Chernobyl” notation in Ukrainian

GSC Game World is “S. T. A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyll” in Steam on March 14, “S. T. A. L. K.E.r. 2: Heart of Chornobyl”. “Chernobyl” E is O and it became “chornobyl”. Backgrounds are found to have Ukrainian invasion by Russia and the political posture of the same studio.

“S. T. A. L. K.e.r. 2: Heart of Chornobyl” is the latest work of the Saber Bal Horror FPS “S. T. A. L. K.e.r. R.” series. This work was under development with the aim of releasing December 8, 2012 this year. However, developer GSC GAME WORLD conveys a suspension of development on March 3. The studio is based in Ukraine Kyiv. That is, the studio itself is currently in the midst of the battle of Ukrainian invasion by Russia (related articles).

GSC Game World has revealed a posture that supports Ukraine and criticizing Russia from immediately after the start of invasion of Russia. The donation for Ukraine is also a situation that is widely calling in the official Twitter account etc. In addition, the company’s statement is somewhat different in the company’s statement, as organizations from around the world include russian invasion stop and peace. The company believes that Ukraine wins the war, and also introduces the support window for the Ukrainian army, not a humanitarian support group. In other words, it shows a strong repulsion attitude for Russia.

This time “S. T. A. L. K.e.r. 2” title changes are not necessarily statements, but such anti-Russian attitudes will be affected. For example, the spelling of the newly caught “chornobyl” is written in Ukrainian. While Russian and Ukrainian have similarities, they are separate languages ​​that each developed separately. There are a lot of different points, and there are many parts of the place name. The notation of “Chernobyl (Chernobyl)” up to now corresponds to Russian ‘чернобль,’ in Latin character notation. And the newly changed “chornobyl” is the Latin character notation of “чорнобиль” in Ukrainian. In other words, it does not change from the title to Russian spelling and make it a compliant with Ukrainian.

Chernobyl Diaries - Official Trailer #1 - Horror Movie (2012) HD

Note that “CherNobyl” notation is still seen on this work official site or the like. Such notations may also be changed in the future. This time it is a fix in the STeam store page, but it may also be possible to fix the EPIC Games Store and the Xbox Series X | S version. Local people, including developers, recovering a life of a flat day, and I would like to pray that the day when the user’s hand will receive the user’s hand.

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