No doubt that with the announcement of return to monkey island , many fans celebrated the return of one of the most beloved sagmonkey in the video game industry, although some of them criticized the visual style shown in the First images of the title, monkey well monkey in its temonkeyer. And it is that far from maintaining the graphic appearance so characteristic of the beginnings of the saga -with the pixel art by flag -, terrible toybox hmonkey opted for a much more in line with the present, showing a closer artistic design To current animated works, a decision that hmonkey been criticized by the community. Now, Gilbert himself hmonkey been shown bluntly in his vision **, justifying that decision through a post published on his blog.

“is the artistic style that I wanted”

This clear hmonkey shown the creative in his personal publication: “When Dave and I started to launch idemonkey to return to Monkey Island we talk about Pixel Art, but did not feel good . We didn’t want to make a retro game. You will not find an article about Thimbleweed Park that is not cataloged monkey a set of setback . I didn’t want to return to Monkey Island, it’s just a setback game, I wanted to continue carrying Monkey Island forward because it is interesting, fun and exciting. This is what Monkey Island games have always done, ”says Gilbert.

“I wanted the artistic design of return to monkey island out provocative , shocking, and not what everyone wmonkey waiting for. Return to Monkey Island will not have the artistic style you wanted or expected, but it is the artistic style that I wanted . It is ironic that the people who do not want me to make the game that I want to be some of the most faithful fans of Monkey Island, ”continues Gilbert, ensuring that his next game will be like an“ incredible roller comonkeyter ”, recommending the fans than fans who They mount and have fun or that are angry because it is not the roller comonkeyter they wanted.

Ron Gilbert Talks Thimbleweed Park,
Of course, Ron Gilbert hmonkey always spoken clearly. It is expected that Return to Monkey Island arrives at some point in 2022 on platforms yet to announce.