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Sonys Financial Report Shows That Physical Video Games Are Still Alive And Kicking

After the launch of God of War Ragnarök at the end of last year, Sony’s new fiscal report has revealed that the most recent room, which was carried out between October and December 2022, represented a substantial increase in the sale of games
Physical, becoming like this is one of the most successful periods of the company in recent years.
According to Sony, sales in physical games generated $659 million, which represents an increase of 153% compared to the $269 million we saw in the last three months of 2021. These are the highest income of this item from
Five years ago.
Although digital sales and revenues generated by PlayStation Network services generated $1.7 billion and $862 million, respectively, the fact that physical sales have been so high in this period is something remarkable.
Recall that it was in this period when God of War Ragnarök reached the market, as well as titles such as The Callisto Protocol and Need for Speed: Unbound, which recorded a greater amount of physical sales in the PS5.


We only have to see how this section will go during the current quarter.
In related issues, this is how you can keep the PlayStation Plus Collection games even after its closure.
Similarly, there is an increase in new PS5 users.
Editor’s note:
While the physical sector continues behind the digital, these income makes it clear that we are far from this aspect of the industry to disappear.
As long as we continue buying records, everything will be fine in the world.
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PC-Games quiz for the weekend break: Are you ready for Ragnarök? – God of Battle Tradition

God of Battle as well as his protagonist Rates are completely linked to the unpredictable background of the PlayStation. The taciturn Spartaner has been pushing via the globe of gods for PS2 times. After the Greek Pantheon ranked the ground in several games, the reboot in 2018 enabled him to begin a new beginning in the globe of the Nordic gods.

On this trip it comes to be clear that Rates can not avoid the problem with the gods in the icy Midgard, no matter just how much he desires it. Rates and ATREUS accomplish their objective, however additionally set off Ragnarök with their actions’ en route there, the downfall of the gods. Now, God of Battle: Ragnarök (acquire currently EUR 79.99), which has actually been readily available because November 9, 2022. We suggest our two-part tale recap if you desire to refresh your understanding of the history of Rates to day. In the very first part we go into the history in Greece and also in the second component we consider the events of the last component of God of War.

God of War: Big PC-Games test

To inspect whether you have the tools to be geared up for God of War: Ragnarök, we also weaved our PC-Games quiz around this topic this week.

With 10 extremely crispy concerns, we placed your Tradition knowledge of Rates’ keep in Nordic folklore. Right here you can show just how well you know with Aden gods, the brand-new abundant and also its occupants. We desire a Great deal of enjoyable!

every Friday: The PC-Games test for the weekend break!

Every little thing else regarding God of Battle: Ragnarök can be located on the subject of the game. There is likewise the detailed examination that discusses why the newest experience from Rates is a fantastic game.

Provide us your feedback on the quiz in the remarks to make sure that we can additionally improve in the upcoming versions of the PC-Games quiz for the weekend. Obtain our quiz for Silent Hill from last week if you haven’t done it.

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God of Battle as well as his protagonist Rates are inextricably connected to the adjustable background of the PlayStation. After the Greek Pantheon ranked the ground in numerous video games, the reboot in 2018 enabled him to begin a new beginning in the world of the Nordic gods. On this journey it ends up being clear that Rates can not stay clear of the dispute with the gods in the icy Midgard, no matter how a lot he desires it. Rates and ATREUS accomplish their objective, however also cause Ragnarök with their actions on the way there, the downfall of the gods.

God of War developers: Ragnarok were not happy with the game

_ God of War Ragnarök is one of the best games of the year, and a solid candidate to win the Got award at The Game Awards. However, not long ago, developers were not happy with the product they were working on, to the degree that they thought the game was not good.

In a recent interview with GQ UK, Eric Williams, director of god of War Ragnarök, said that only three months ago, developers considered that they were not doing a good job , and the final result was going to disappoint the public. This was what he commented:

When you work with people who are on the cusp of what they do, you will get magic. I just left a room with those people. All I could tell you was: ‘Thank you’. They were going crazy three months ago, ‘My God, the game is not good. What are we going to do? ’I can’t even imagine how they feel today. I would like to have a time machine to return and feel like that.

Together with this, Williams also talked about the decision to make the Nordic saga of God of War only composed of two games :

We knew what most of the great points of the plot were going to be. But at that time we were still talking about ‘Will it be two or three games?’ Me and (Cory Barlow) were on the side of the two, but the team had already bought the trilogy. So we think, ‘Well, how do we bring it back?’

It’s really difficult to do. Because (the team) began to say: ‘Well, are we going to put two games in one? Because that will be impossible. People know (trilogies) and when you change things, people feel uncomfortable. But that is where magic usually occurs. If I don’t feel that I am afraid, they will literally say goodbye to me every day, because I made a mistake, I don’t feel that I am doing well.

At the end of the day, the result was exceptional. God of War Ragnarök is a success , being one of the best qualified games of the year, and the public has begun to share their online opinions for a few hours, and the reception is positive. You can check our god of War Ragnarök review here.

Editor’s note:

We all have that feeling that what we are doing is bad, but at the end of the day, that feeling disappears once more and more people manage to see our hard work and, in the case of Ragnarök, it is clear that the whole team made a fantastic job.


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