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Steam: Can Elden Ring defend the top spot in the weekly sales charts?

Also this week our view is the current Steam sales chart and all of what has happened in comparison to the previous week. It quickly becomes clear that the action role-playing Elden Ring continues to find on top spot. It is still two times in the top 10, but now a slightly larger gap between the two versions gaffes now.

On the second place is still the handheld Steam Deck, which is now the Koop game IT TAKES Two in the neck. The latter has received a small thrust due to a current discount campaign at Steam and is therefore on the third place. Above all, there are some shifts to report, spectacular or great changes compared to the previous week, however, is not available.

Here is the current top 10 (based on the generated revenue), in the overview:

  1. Elden ring
  2. Steam deck
  3. IT TAKES Two
  4. Monster Hunter Rise

Elden Ring - Bleed Build Guide - Mohgwyn's Chosen
5. Core Keeper
6. Valve Index VR Kit
7. Red Dead Redemption 2
8. Elden ring

  1. Dread Hunger
  2. WWE 2K22

Open World Agricultural Game “Harvest Days” April 6 Steam to start early access delivery. A lively life enjoying fishing and logging, crafts

Publisher Toplitz Productions announced on February 19 that the trial version of “ Harvest Days ” will be delivered from February 21st. According to the Steam store page, STEAM early access delivery appears on April 6. In addition, the text in the game is planning to support Japanese.

“Harvest Days” is an open world agricultural game. The stage is the place in a certain part. In a natural rich area, start a new life on the axis of the farm. Players in this work live a lifetime life. It is still agriculture to be the center of life. Cultivate the field, squeeze seeds, and harvest while doing water. Let’s grow various crops from vegetables to fruits. Sometimes I work in agriculture using my own hand, sometimes tractors. In addition, it seems that frigament tree planting and animal breeding and dairy farms are possible.

Harvested crops seem to be able to sell yourself in the city’s market. This work is said to adopt an open world system. It is also a feature that you can move and explore the opened world yourself. Visit to other places other than ranch and enjoy various activities. You may want to digit a tree to the forest. You can catch fish going to the river and the sea. It seems to be able to adventure the mine and mines ore. Get new tools and furniture by crafting using the obtained item.

Harvest Days ★ Gameplay★ PC Steam (Free Alpha test) Simulator Survival Game 2021 ★ Ultra HD

In the city, in addition to selling agricultural products, it is possible to interact with people in the city. The city has a stall, and it is possible to buy and sell items here. If you deepen exchanges with them, you can receive discounts and special gifts. It seems that seasonal events will also occur. In addition, there seems to be a quest in this work, and more than 15 quests are already aligned, and it increases as development progresses. It is likely to hear someone’s request in the city.

Developing this work is the Studio Family Devs of Barcelona, ​​Spain. It is said that the production is being produced by two developers. Conducted a cloudfunding campaign in KickStarter last September. An euro of 18842 (about 2.5 million yen) was collected. After that, we signed a partner agreement with Toplitz Productions, which sells “Medieval dynasty”. Game development and coordination have been made through the release of pre-alpha version. STEAM will be prepared for STEAM early access delivery, including demo version.

“Harvest Days” plans to deliver STEAM early access from April 6, 2022. Trial version is also scheduled to be delivered during today. This work is also developing not only PC but also PS / XBOX / Nintendo Switch version. Online multiplayer correspondence was implemented by achieving KickStarter’s stretch goal, but as a result. It will be up to the sales status of this work.

Lost Ark is already one of Steams most played games

Ark lost, _ The new MMO of Amazon Games and Smilegate, has had some problems around its launch as it usually occurs with any new MMO, but that has not prevented the game from having reached an incredible milest1. According to Steam’s simultaneous players’ numbers, the game has already become the second most played game on the platform, a milestone reached only one day after the free launch of the game. This means that the game has exceeded other Steam successes as _dota 2 and only has _ Playerunknown_ battle couples above now.

This metric is determined by observing the highest number of maximum active players in any game in the story of Steam. SteamdB does a great job by keeping up with that information, and if sorting all your games by the maximum number of players, you will see that _arca lost, has now claimed Ranked No. 2 with a historical peak of 1,325,305 players. It is beaten _COUNTER STRIKE Global offensive, _ a basic element of Steam, a stand underneath with that game that has an impressive peak of 1,308,963 players.

That is all an achievement for any game, but it is especially impressive considering how the release of the free version of the game was delayed this weekend. Many players had already been active in the game previously after buying one of the packets of founders of the game to be able to play before, but many more players were waiting to play for free this weekend.

It is also worth noting that this is not the only Amazon Games title that is within the Top 10 of Steam in terms of historical peaks. New world now occupies the number 6 with a peak of 913,634 players. Still stunning in your own right, but still far from the best games.

Ark lost be at number 2 means that there is still a game above, but it is difficult to imagine that the new MMO, or in fact any other game, overcomes pubg Record at any time soon. The Battle Royale game that is often attributed to have helped to start all the genre fashion occupies the first place with a peak of 3,257,248 players.

Lost Ark is one of the MOST PLAYED GAMES on Steam

Milestones like this are always impressive, but arca lost is likely that players are much more interested in how the game is developed after and how active things are in a few months. For now, developers continue to work to alleviate server problems and other problems before detailing the plans for future content.

Road 96: Adventure game appears in April

Ravenscourt and DigiSIART announce that you will be available from the criticized Title Road 96 in April 2022 for both Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox.

Road 96 is a constantly evolving, story-driven adventure game with survival elements in which players have to flee from a country ruling by an authoritarian regime that stands on the edge of the collapse.

“The idea that console players will soon be able to make their first steps on the emotional journey into freedom is really exciting,” said Yoan Fanise, CEO & Creative Director at DigiST.

“Road 96, which is inspired by the classic road trip films from the 90s, seemed to be created for this generation of consoles and their owners. Lean back and prepare for a roadtrip like no other, “he added.

Road 96 for PC is currently available in the “Road 96 Hitchhiker Bundle” with a 25% discount on Steam. The “Road 96 Hitchhiker Bundle” contains everything necessary to be a Petria connoisseur of the old and new times and to experience life as a holder in Petria the most authentic way. It contains the game Road 96, the original soundtrack, the documentary and the game book that tells the prehistory.

Road 96 | Complete Gameplay Walkthrough - Full Game | No Commentary
about Road 96

Road 96 is a procedural generated adventure that is constantly evolving. There are also survival elements: The player must escape from a country that is dominated by an authoritarian regime and is just before the collapse.

Road 96 has a steadily evolving story, which is further revealed with any new escape attempt, inspired by Roadtrip movies from the 90s by directors such as Quentin Tarantino, The Coen Brothers and Bong Joon-Ho. On the soundtrack of the game, titles of bands like Survive (Stranger Things) are heard.

Road 96 is the most ambitious project of DigiSIXART directed by the Game Industry Veteran Yoan Fanise (Valiant Hearts, Memories Retold). In June 2020, the Steam demo for Road 96 belonged to the five mostly downloaded demos during the Steam Next Fest, which was available to a total of more than 700 demos, and found great appeals both in critics and fans.

Already in the first two weeks after the official publication, Road 96 has exceeded the brand of over 2700 reviews on Steam, with a solid average rating of 90%. The game was highlighted in every way: the atmosphere that gives the feeling of experiencing a real adventure, the soundtrack that fits the trip to every moment of the journey, the charismatic personality of the characters and above all the freedom to make their own decisions.

The documentary “on the road 96” available on Steam (later below) shows the mistakes and confusion of an incredible indie studio on the way to completion and publication of the most critics-celebrated procedural narrative adventures Road 96. Financial challenges, Covid-19 and Threatening deadlines made the development anything but a walk in the park.


  • Discover exciting places and unusual people on your very personal journey into freedom.
  • A constantly evolving adventure inspired by Tarantino, Coen Brothers and Bong Joon-Ho. Developed by the award-winning creators of “Valiant Hearts” and “Memories Retold”. In the context of the Omen gift initiative of HP Inc. announced.
  • Action-loaded moments, discoveries, thoughtful melancholy, human encounters and crazy situations. Against the background of authoritarian rule and oppression.
  • Stunning visual style, a soundtrack full of hits from the 90’s and thousands of routes through the game are combined, so every player at road 96 can create his own unique story.

Here is another PC-release trailer:

The documentary can be seen here:

The Steam Charts of the Week: Blockbuster

As always at the beginning of the new week, together with you we throw a closer look at The current Steam sales charts . For example, the question arises as to whether the PC port of God of was still found in the top spot. There may now be a new number 1 in the top 10.

Who stands in 1st 1 of the Steam sales charts?

Already the first look at the top 10 shows that the PC version of God of War could hold in the first place in the first place. Although you continue to hang the action role-play Monster Hunter Rise tightly in the neck, but it has not been enough for a change of watch on the Steam throne.

On the third place follows the pre-order version of the Zombie Game Dying Light 2: Staying Human, which is even several times represented in the top 10.

So the rest of the top 10 looks at Steam

Generally, the upper regions of the sales counters are mainly of pre-order versions multiple games. These include, among other things, the action role-playing Elden Ring and the real-time strategy game was totally: Warhammer 3. On the other hand, Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Roguelike game warm snow.

The following charts refer to the period from 24 to 30 January 2022. Here the overview:

  1. God of War
  2. Monster Hunter Rise

  1. Dying Light 2 Stay Human (Pre-order)
  2. Elden ring (pre-order)
  3. Dying Light 2 Stay Human (pre-order)
  4. Ready or Need
  5. Total was: Warhammer 3 (pre-order)
  6. Lost Ark Platinum Founder’s Pack (pre-order)
  8. It Takes Two


You see, away from the topfield has changed in the top 10 already a little. Incidentally, for the placements of the individual games in the Steam sales is the respective height of the achieved turnover crucial . The charts are output weekly in an XML feed to Steam.

Former Steam Topseller gets his own manga

An absolute Steam surprise hit also finds so great in Japan that a manga will soon appear to the game. What can happen and when you can read in, you will learn here.

2020 was the year for innovative indie games. Especially Among US dominated the second half of the year like no other game. And this is supposed to get its own manga.

According to the Twitter-Account Manga Yogurt Re, which regularly reports about Manga-News from Japan, an Among US one shot should appear in February. The manga is therefore a unique matter, a kind of short story, should be published in the Japanese magazine Beats Morocco.

In the passionate community of the former Steam Top seller, a translation probably will not be long in coming.


Why just among us?

The fact that Japanese Managua video games like to transfer in their medium is nothing new. After all, both the Pokémon manga and the different Zelda manga enjoy great popularity. And that already for many decades.

But why just Among us? Although the hype is flattened around the game, the game still has a great cultural influence. With over 324 million downloads on mobile devices as well as your own Slang words and memes used to this day, the game has one Place as one of the biggest gaming hits of recent years. (Source: Pocket Gamer)

Among US term SUS declare you our colleagues of GIG in the following article:

Who knows, maybe in the future, an Among us anime is expected, in which we are allowed to contribute who the scammers are.

Ant last year you have little among us, but many other games are gambling — and partly properly intense. For the following games you have taken most of the time:

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