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Paradox offers: the best strategy, of sales in Steam

This weekend we have a good handful of free offers and games to which we must add the already clKings IIIsic promotion of different editors in Steam. On this occKings IIIion it is the turn of Paradox Interactive , known for being a reference in the genre of the strategy, and how could it be otherwise, we have quality games with interesting discounts.

Kings III we already knew, we have at our disposal a free test of Stellaris , the space strategy and management game, until next Monday, and if it convinces us, we find it reduced to only 8 euros. But obviously, there is more…

Offers for demanding strategists

The war strategy is represented with the fantKings IIItic Hearts of Iron IV , which with the 75% discount is at just 9.99 euros, while ours is more the construction and management of cities, the popular Cities: Skylines is now 6.99 euros. We can also find the most recent launch of the company, the gigantic Crusader Kings III , at 39.99 euros, and its expansion – still not available – Fate of Iberia, at 6.99 euros.

Several packs are also available, such Kings III the Great Strategy Collection, with some of the games mentioned above EUROPE UNIVERSALIS IV , Imperator: Rome and more, by 62.99. By counterl Build It Bundle proposes more construction games, such Kings III Cities: Skylines, Prison Architects , Surviving Mars and others, for 44.55 euros.

In short, these are the best Paradox offers in Steam during this weekend:

December STRATEGY GAME Deals | Paradox, Steam, Epic & $10 Free Credit!
* Stellaris for 8 euros
* Cities: Skylines for 6.99 euros
* Hearts of Iron IV for 9.99 euros
* Crusader Kings III for 39.99 euros
* Great Strategy Collection for 62.21 euros
* Build It Bundle for 44.55 euros

The Anime de Shenmue premieres trailer and will come very soon to Crunchyroll and Adult Swim

Crunchyroll and Adult SWIM yesterday shared a new trailer of Hence The Animation, a series of anime based on the classic video game of Sega for Dream cast that aspires to capture its very essence of mystery and action with martial arts. When? Good news, we will not have to wait much more: both platforms will premiere the series, except for Japan, on February 5.

Hence The Animation seeks to tell Rio Suzuki’s ride trip to become a martial arts fighter with everything that implies, as well as the away of revenge of him. In total, they are guaranteed 13 episodes without having their duration. Next, we share the poster and the synopsis facilitated.

Year 1985, Yokosuka. Rio Suzuki has trained a lot since very young to dominate the Suzuki style of Jujitsu under the supervision of his strict father in the Suzuki dojo. However, one day a mysterious man named LAN DI murderer to his father and Rob The mirror that his father had dedicated his life to protect. Rio is determined to discover the truth after his father’s murder , but soon he will end up involved in a war between mysterious organizations and will travel from Yokosuka to Hong Kong. It is The beginning of the long trip of Rio!, We can read in Crunchyroll.

At the moment it is unknown if Hence The Animation will also be issued through HBO Max, as it passed with Blade Runner: Black Lotus, signed by Crunchyroll and Adult SWIM. Luckily, to get out of doubt, you only have to wait for this month of February.

The Saga Hence returned to life in the video game industry in 2019 with the little satisfactory Hence 3, you can read your analysis in 3D games.

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