If you see the blue points in the lower left corner of the screen, this means that your equipment uses alchemical capsules to attack. The number under HUD also indicates the number of capsules in your inventory.

If you still do not understand what alchemical capsules are and why they are important, the following leadership will help you, explaining all the methods of how to get them more in Steel rising.

What do alchemical capsules do in Steel rising?

Alchemical capsules are mainly ammunition for weapons that performs alchemical attacks. If you start as an alchemist class or study alchemical ailments, you will need a ton of alchemical capsules.

Weapons based on alchemy, such as the shield musket Sharpeville 1789, requires alchemical capsules to attack. Depending on weapons and attacks, weapons can consume one or more capsules in one attack.

The fiery chain, for example, consumes three capsules for its special reception. This may seem expensive testing, but weapons based on alchemical capsules, as a rule, cause great damage. Be sure to try them on the bosses to quickly stun them.


How to get more alchemical capsules in Steel rising?

Get them from areas

Alchemical capsules may not be guaranteed loss, but you can still try your luck by finding and interacting with spheres in each area. Spheres are still a valuable source for the production of alchemical capsules when studying cards.

Be sure to serrate every nook in the game, alleys and dead ends, because you can simply find a sphere there.

Please note that many areas in the game are blocked at an early stage. You need to unlock special skills, such as the hook of the bishop to get to the roofs, and the ram of the alchemist to open the locked gates. These other inaccessible areas are always rich in prey, and you should look for alchemical capsules.

kill and rob enemies

The easiest and rather brainless method is just to kill enemies and collect alchemical capsules. Enemies of a higher level, as a rule, have more chances to reset them and can even drop two or three capsules at a time, but nothing more. Enemies of a lower level mainly always drop one capsule.

Buy them in a boutique

If you have little time, you can just visit a non-gorgeous wagon or vestal to buy alchemical capsules in a boutique.

Each alchemical capsule will cost you 30 anime essences. Compared to other items, such as grenades, capsules are actually cheap. This, however, does not mean that you must overdo it. Save your essence anime for something like improving weapons.