Infection is a new game that has been published on December 24th, 2018. – The game will be playable through a PC web browser or mobile.

For the record, infection is playable on the official website from a PC web browser or a mobile.

Like every year in this season, Santa Claus is anticipated, who has survived a year more infection, take a trip of the game, and distributes presents to the gamers present on December 25.


To benefit from it, it suffices to be in a city of the video game that day, that the part began the previous days or the same day.

The infection video game, influenced by Hordes, where players work together to make it through a hostile world, has been entitled to a few updates since the start of season 3 this summer season.
There remain in specific brand-new manuals to find on the card, permitting the lucky player to increase his strength or his care possibilities.