After years and years of companies ensuring that games as a service would be the future of the industry, despite multiple notable failures of AAA companies, this week made it clear that this future is still far from, perhaps, being a reality.
Only in recent days, nine games as a service announced their end.
As part of the financial reports that were announced in recent days, multiple companies confirmed that the support for games as service and multiplayer of different types will come to an end in the near future.
Notably, EA heads this list with:

–Apex Legends Mobile (May 17, 2022-May 1, 2023)

With just under a year of life, Apex Legends Mobile, the mobile version of the acclaimed Battle royale de respawn will arrive before his first anniversary is celebrated.
Not only servers will close their doors, but there will be no reimbursement for all those who invested their money.

–Battlefield Mobile (2023)

This is a special case, since his death occurs before birth.
Battlefield Mobile was planned to arrive at some point of this year, and offer the experience that characterizes the series on a mobile device.
However, the project has been canceled.

–Crime sight (April 14, 2022-May 1, 2023)

INAMI joins the list with this strategy game for PC, which has been compared by its audience as a copy of Among Us.
While a clear reason for this decision is not offered, this title was not received positively, and did not reach the public to merit this project for another year.

–Crossfire (February 10, 2022-May 18, 2023)

Another remarkable case is that of Crossfire.
One of the few exclusive Xbox last year will come to an end in a few months after a period where he failed to reach the expected public.
It seems that having a campaign created by Remedy was not enough on this occasion.

-Dragon Quest The Adventure of Die: A Hero Bonds (September 28, 2021-April 26, 2023)

Unlike other cases, this game had life for more than a year.
However, Square Enix has decided to conclude with the support of this delivery.
Considering that the Japanese company has other Geisha titles of this style, it seems that Dragon Quest’s property was not enough on this occasion.

–Echo VR (November 15, 2018-August 1, 2023)

Through a statement, Ready at Dawn, developers have revealed that the support for Echo VR, which is exclusive of Meta, has come to an end, since the team is ready to advance to another project.
In this way, it seems that the decision was made, not as a financial result, but as a result of the organization of developers.
This was a fighting game, with the interesting mechanics of participating in stage with zero gravity.


–Knockout City (May 21, 2021-June 6, 2023)

Once again, EA has cut the head to a game that, although it did not generate large numbers, had a stable fans base.
Although it came first as a payment game, it eventually became a free-to-play.
Although his concept of burned attracted a good audience in his launch, his popularity never took off as many expected.

–love live!

School Idol Festival (April 15, 2013-March 31, 2023)
Unlike other cases, where to hold such a game seemed complicated, Love Live!
School Idol Festival will come to an end for a simple reason, a sequel is on the way, so keeping the servers of this delivery sounds unnecessary.

–Robles (August 11, 2022-February 28, 2023)

Epic Games tried to replicate Fortnite’s success with this Battle Royale with wrestling movements, but failed, and the conclusion has been concluded that the project has to come to an end.
Fortunately, all those who spent their money can ask for a refund.
In related issues, you can learn more about the closure of Crossfire here.
Similarly, it was canceled a single player game of the Apex Legends universe.
Editor’s note:
As you can see, the games that were canceled this week did not last more than a year in the market, except a couple of titles.
Recall that the industry is extremely competitive, and having the following Fortnite or War zone is not something that is achieved overnight, and it seems that many companies are not willing to take their time to do this a reality.