_ Half-Life: Alex is considered by many as the best VR game. Valve’s work had a great reception, and it seems that the only problem that people have encountered with this title is that it is not available on other platforms. Being an exclusive of Index, only a limited number of users has had the opportunity to experience this delivery. However, a new rumor has indicated that PlayStation users could enjoy half-life: ARX in the future.

According to sources close to The Leak, half-Life: Alex will arrive at the PSVR2 in the future. Although the details are scarce at the moment, it has been mentioned that Valve’s game would be available on this platform, although it will not do it as a launch game , and would reach some point of 2023.

So far, the PSVR2, which will reach the market at the beginning of next year , not only has the support of PlayStation, with horizon: Call of the Mountain as one of the launch titles, but the studies Third Party also promises to support this platform with titles such as Resident Evil Village and No Man’s Sky.

Unfortunately, for the moment or there is official information by PlayStation or Valve that confirms the arrival of half-Life: Alex to PSVR2. However, this possibility is not completely ruled out either. ** In related topics, will PSVR games work on PSVR2? Similarly, here you can see the new advance of Star Wars: Tales of Galaxy’s Edge.

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The arrival of half-Life: Alex A psvr2 would be incredible. This is considered one of the best VR games, and its accessibility on new platforms is something that will only benefit all those involved and interested in this title.