Hogwarts Legacy contains 31 spells, including the three unforgivable curses.
In addition, you can use a spell space to place animal utensils such as ushes and food to take care of your magic beasts.
Check out the full list of all the spells you learn in the game:

Hogwarts Legacy-Complete Spells


  • ESSENTIAL ATTACK SERVICE When you use attack button
  • Revenio-reveals what is around you
  • Protego-Protege against attacks
  • GORDON ENEMY STUFF (To activate it you need to activate protection in time
  • Perfect and hold the button)
  • Ancestral Magic-Arrrem Short Objects of the Environment in the Enemy
  • Ancestral Magic 2-UUSA A devastating attack on the target
  • Alohomora-Ae locks
  • Petrifies Totalus-Petrifies the enemy (can only be used in stealth mode,
  • attacking an enemy by surprise)

Various spells

Momentum-Reduces the speed of enemies and objects
Glacius-Congella enemies and increases the damage received
Levioso-Levitates objects and enemies
Transformation-transforms objects and enemies in alternative forms
ACCio-Puxa objects or enemies for you
Depulsive-repair objects or enemies
Downing-afremous enemies and objects on the floor
Flipting-Lança objects and enemies forward and backward
Long-range Cofringe-Ray that deals fire damage
Finding objects and enemies from afar
Expellmus-Desarma Most enemies that wield wands or
Weapons and cause damage
Bombarda-Causa heavy damage to impact followed by an explosion
Fire-Incendides and causes damage in short distance
Lumus-illumina the environment
Damaged objects
Wingardium Leviosa-Levite objects and allows control of them
Conjuration-items exist in the room accurate
Alteration-Altera the form of room items needs
Evanesco-Faz items disappear
Unforgivable curses
Arvada Kedavra-Mata Enemies instantly
Enemies Crucio-Faze Cutting in pain, causes continuous damage and curses
Imperialist, with which the opponent fights beside him

Fantastic animal items

  • Animal ush
  • Food the animals

always leave combat spells ready

The enemies may have different guards, being purple, red and yellow.
To eak them you will need to use an equivalent color (or type) spell.
Otherwise, no other spell will work.
You can also eak the guards with stunned, but you will have to wait for the enemy to launch a spell and defend in the perfect timing.


In all there are four set of spells, with four spaces, that is, you can have 16 spells always by hand and essential spells are not allocated in spaces as they are used in different ways in specific situations and using other buttons.