News that is not at all new in the entertainment world is the controversy that caused J.K. Rowling , author of the books of Harry Potter, same that made comments not favorable towards transgender people. This led some of the actors who participated in the films to be against them, because they did not want their comments to be interpreted for being the voice of all.

This led the same main actor of the saga, Daniel Radcliffe, to mention that he does not agree with the comments of the English writer, so since that time he has already treated himself cordially with her. And now, in a new interview he mentions that he had this crash of ideals to see all the people of this minority did not receive much support.

Here is your comment:


The reason I felt that I needed to say something when I did was because, particularly since I finished ‘Potter’, I met many queer and trans children who had a lot of identification. And seeing them injured that day, I thought they wanted not everyone in the franchise to feel like that. And that was really important.

Radcliffe refers to an open letter that he wrote in June of 2020 , in which he clearly and definitively expresses his unwavering support for transgender people. The letter was published on the The Trevor Project of The Trevor Project from 2010 .

For that reason, the actor could not defend the author regarding social networks comments. Since this would go against the ideals that Safeguarder seeks to.

Via: IndieWire