[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The NHN is a subsidiary of the subsidiary.

NHN (Representative Jung Woo-jin) will be approved by the company’s listing of subsidiaries in the fourth day and divided subsidiaries, to assume approval and approve the division corporation, owned by the Company, We have been announced on the 4th that we have made an agenda for the Adorable Revolution to be held on March 29, which will be held on March 29.

The revision of this Article was actively listening to the opinions of shareholders when promoting subsidiaries, and NHN’s will to share the growth and fruit of their subsidiaries with shareholders.

In addition, Jung Woo-jin, the NHN representative, has been the first shareholder, since the first shareholder, and shared the Core business promotion direction and ESG management earnings by conjunction with the reinforcement of shareholder reduction policies and active communication.

Jung Woo-jin, said, “It will be a minimum of 30% of EBITDA (corporate tax, interest, depreciation expenses), and a minimum of 30% of the business year before the business year before three years, I will continue to share the shareholder reduction policy that I continued to share, share it more specifically to shareholders. ” In addition, we promised to make improvements in the company’s divisions that are currently being discussed.

Since 2018, NHN has steadily stabilized the stock through purchasing his stock annually. We have acquired magnetic shares to reach 86.9 billion won by 2021, and in December, we have decided to have a 100% free policy to issue 1 weekly new weekly new weeks per share.

On April 1, NHN Cloud Corporation, which is scheduled to establish a “financing strategy, such as a strategic partner, such as a cloud business that requires a preemptive investment, and NHN to establish a specialized management and responsibility management specialized in business sector, which is ultimate As the competitiveness of the cloud business, I am convinced that NHN’s corporate value, a mosques, and I promised to emphasize the needs of corporate splitting, and promote businesses more responsible.

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Meanwhile, NHN is the P & E (Play & Earn) market for the game business, ▲ Pay & Earn (P & E) ▲ Payment business, the National Living Platform Strategy of the Market Business. It is a plan to go. In addition, to strengthen global competitiveness, we have established the ESG Committee for the ESG Management to enroll in ESG management and prepare sustainability report publications.

Jung Woo-jin will be a year, “This year, it will be a year as a Global Top Tech Company,” he said, “This year, We emphasized that we communicate with you and share the vision and grow and grow. “