His experience as an AD bring helped his transition into his brand-new function, and now, he can assist his incredible bottom lane partner to new heights.


Given, Berserker is already being thought about the very best player in his role this year, however his trajectory was definitely impacted by Ovens leadership as he discovered how to bet a few of the finest players on the planet.

This season, for instance, Berserker has the highest DA in the league, while Even has the most helps, according to League statistics aggregate Oracles Elixir. They feed off of each other’s terrific play and smart decision-making, making them the very best bottom lane duo in the league by an excellent margin.

Jesper Even Svenningsen has hit 200 profession wins in the LCS, including yet another notch to his belt over the last 6 years he’s spent in the Los Angeles competition. The 25-year-old veteran has actually had a roller rollercoaster of a time in NA since he made the long trip over the Atlantic to sign up with TSM ahead of the 2018 season.

They are also the primary reason that C9 can be so harmful, considering that the group not just has some of the very best gamers in the league in all positions, however they likewise have the ultimate carry-support combination that can drive them to triumph in any circumstance. Capture Even and Berserker in action once again when they hit the stage on Friday, Feb. 10 against Evil Geniuses.

After Clouds dominant win versus TSM, among the very best support players in the LCS has hit an outstanding record for his League profession in the region.

Six years later, Even discovered a long time house with C9 and has because won 3 LCS championships. He originally signed up with the league as an AD carry, but after the young boys in blue discovered Kim Berserker Mitchell as the areas most recent superstar marksman in 2022, he found a new calling as a support alongside one of the very best players in the league.