A new party game, which adds AI to draw a picture on a rule similar to the board game spy, which finds hidden spies between the public, has been ahead of Steam since the 4th.

The title of the game is AI: Art Imposter, produced by Japanese game developer pocket pairs. The player plays the role of an artist who is preparing an exhibition based on the paintings drawn by the AI. Other participants also work together to prepare for the exhibition, but there are spies that do not know what the theme is. The spy must hide his identity, and other artists draw the process of finding who is spy.


As mentioned earlier, the picture used during play is created based on AI. If you add words or short sentences related to a given topic, the picture is completed, and when all participants complete the picture, you will need to see what the exhibition topic is and who is completed without knowing the topic of the exhibition.

AI: Art Imposter supports online play that can be available with 3 to 8 people, and also supports PCs as well as iOS and Android users and cross play. The PC version was released on Steam and the price is 5,500 won. The mobile version is then serviced as a partial fee that contains in-game payment in free play. Based on AI, the image is completed, so even if there is no painting skills, it has no problem in the play, and it is a light match that ends in one plate.