Dying light 2 has amazing parkour, funny skills to unlock and possibilities to break your heart. One of these moments comes with the story quest “true friends” where they must make a heartbreaking decision.

This quest presents you before the difficult decision to give up something or help him to pass it on, and what you should say afterwards. Maybe they have difficulty what to do. So follow our guide to those in our opinion best choices in this heartbreaking search and to your best decisions on the way there.

go or do not go, this is the question

Players will encounter this quest when they play the story mode and when they hit them buddy , they may be torn back and tore what they should do as they only have two options when they have with him to interact. Buddy is a dog who was trying to protect some children in the area in front of an attack, and slowly succeeds his injuries. Your two choices at this time are:

  • Let the dog succumb to his injuries
  • or

Dying Light 2 TRUE FRIENDS Quest All Choices
* RELATED BUDDY from your misery

It’s hard to determine what is the best choice here, as it is an unfortunate choice to be left, no matter what choice you meet. However, the decision they meet has very little impact on the overall history. So if you can not imagine having to redeem a poor dog from his misery, you can go. The result remains the same for each of the options you choose, which can make the selection a total of something easier for you.

In the course of the mission, however, you must make the choice if you pass the message from Buddy’s death to Dominik. Your choice is:

  • Buddy died as he saved Scott and Moe
  • Scott and Moe have lied to you
  • Scott and Moe will tell you everything

Her choice here has a bit more influence on the overall story and the effect of this scene, as if you say Dominik that Buddy died when he saved Scott and Moe, you will see sadness, but then all will be happy again when the dialogue will be happy again One comes close to it. If you say that Scott and Moe lied, the children will be angry with them, and if they say that the children will tell you everything, they will be angry, but Nerys will be pleased that the children have said the truth.

Not every Story-Beat has a great result in the entire action strand, but moments like these can cause the world to feel a little more human than before. The sadness to see, with the death of a beloved friend, feels strangely real and can cause them to feel the same emotions as the characters in the game.

Dying Light 2 is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC, with a Nintendo Switch Cloud Edition, which will eventually appear in 2022.

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