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Giass code – mediocrity, praying and robots

The story about why the “Code of Giass” beloved by anime shutters is mediocrity, I want to start with a small disclaimer. I do not set as my goal to convince the fans of this franchise of their wrong when evaluating, because discussing other people’s tastes is pointless. My goal is to order the mediocrity of the scriptwriters “one of the best anime of all time” for those who have not yet managed to plunge into this substance. Yes, yes, not all heroes wear masks, some are quite a diving suit.

The root cause of my viewing of the “Giass Code” was numerous recommendations from enthusiastic anime, among which there were even statements that this series is better than “Gate Stein”, and this is definitely impossible to pass by. It is impossible, but I took place within two years, during which I received recommendations for the viewing of Giass with the frequency of once a week. In 2015, I still gave up and firmly decided to get acquainted with this “universally recognized masterpiece”. Spoiler: In estimates for Mal, Shikimori and similar resources since then I do not believe from the word at all, which, however, does not prevent me from bombing from those. These people appreciated the “girl for rent” at 7.3 points, Karl!

Let’s move on to the main topic of discussion and start with the annotation for those who somehow have not yet managed to hear a billion recommendations to see “Giass”. The highly developed Britain captured Japan, which turned the country of the rising sun into 11, and all its inhabitants, in the eleventh. The main character is the local ingenious prince of Britain, who escaped from his family and “secretly” lives in Japan, visiting the British school and plotting a coup d’etat against the family that offended him and his little sister.

Watching “Giass” becomes funny from the very beginning, when the genius of the protagonist is shown to us through a chess match against some important bump, in which he, of course, wins, which means that we have a brilliant strategist who is able to replay and destroy any * enemy on his way. *-ting “any” is used only in relation to people with IQ below 60, and more smart individuals are not presented in this show.

Code MENT: Who will get the friggin robot?

And yes, it may seem that I am finding fault, but the funny situation is that I watched “Giass” just a month after “Idiocracy”, and what was happening on the screen in this series was very similar to an American film. Judge for yourself: we are represented by a world that is inhabited by extremely stupid people, as well as the protagonist, who is simply supposedly smarter than those. Why “supposedly”? Because it is no different from the rest, except for scenario piano for its advancement in the plot. Against the background of this, we go to, actually to the characters.

Heroes and the world around

Without a doubt, this is the best part of this anime. Just think! Here, soldiers during the fighting leave the cabs of their furs in order to talk with a schoolboy who is surrounded by corpses of other soldiers! Well, isn’t that lovely? That’s right, this is not a charm, because the command of these soldiers is even more fun!

The situation with how Lelush first helped resistance, while in the same time, a masterpiece of scenario art, which was taken above the soldier, mentioned above. Think about it: the hero could track all the movements of the troops on both sides of the conflict, while being separated from the British troops in the British army. The command of the warrior is wondering how the rebels can know about their movements, but they cannot look at the damn card. Control over subordinates? Pff, some kind of nonsense. And these are only the very first episodes, gentlemen.

Absolutely all the fighting in Giasse pass precisely according to such a scenario, where in principle nothing threatens the hero, because the enemy is horror stupid and is not able to follow his own troops. Is this a piano? Not yet)

Because the main roots in this world are not even the stupidity of the heroes or the hero’s abilities not yet mentioned to receive visions from the future, but the Hiasses themselves, one of which Lelush possesses. The Giassa fan will ask: “Well, what is their piano? Everything is explained there! ” And I will answer: “In randomness, the sun.” Giasses do not work as they should or as the owner wants, they work on a pure random. Giass Lelusha makes another person to unquestioningly obey one single order, but his sister is out of control of the order with the help of the power of love for Lelush’s partner, and he himself recalls his past after his father’s Hiasses on his memory. At the same time, Giass “unexpectedly” works on the mentioned sister, who ultimately goes against all her nature, but is not able to go against love!

And here we return to the fact that the main character is actually terribly stupid. He noticed that his Giass has been behaving strangely and works on his own, but he still jokes jokes about the eleventh genocide with his sister, looking directly into her eyes. It would seem that it could go wrong? Just the most important negotiations that could save a bunch of innocent lives and return the eleventh at the time before the capture of Britain (albeit not completely). This is how the piano looks in the bushes, now you know more.

I will not once again talk about the general uselessness of the protagonist, because everyone already knows that he is not capable of anything. It is not sacred, IQ, like the bread, and therefore Suzaku will be saved on an ongoing basis, which CC sometimes replaces in this case. By the way, it was from here that the meme with the more suitable Title has the name Code Gayass.

Ah, yes, if you notice a hole in the plot of Giass and hope that later everything will be explained to you, then leave such strange thoughts when it comes to this masterpiece.

Heroes do not shine with their minds, the script and its author (s) do not shine with the mind, the rules of the world of the series do not work. So where does so much love for the “Giass code” come from? Maybe because of the graphone, epic battles and extremely pleasant girls in the frame?

Major Grafoni

We move from objective to subjective, and here I am honest, I’m not going to say anything much. Someone likes to look at the mantis in the frame, but someone does not. Someone scares away that women are trying to create a fan service in the frame, and someone likes it, and he will put on ava some kind of “Giass” furniture, for example CC. My attitude to the picture in this anime is well read in the previously written, but I am not going to condemn those who like it.


And the conclusions are very simple. “Giass Code” is located at the heights of many tops of the “best” anime solely because of anime and people suffering from a duckling syndrome. I will not say that Giass is so disgusting that it does not deserve an assessment above 4, I do not want to become a snob. I’ll even say more, the series is not at all bad at all, it is simply average in most parameters with failures to “non-dud” in logic and characters, but the same can be said about a bunch of other titles. If you put a “hyax” objective assessment, then this is 6-6.5 points, which is not bad and even higher than average. Music, animation and meching the main advantages of the series. But there is a catch, because at the same time with the “Giass” there was a “death note”, which succeeded in all the parameters where the first failed. Yes, it is also far from a masterpiece and has a lot of problems (especially the second half), but still much better.

If you do not overestimate your expectations from the “Giass” and watch it as an ordinary action movie on three or four evenings, then it will do. And it is better to spend this time on no less stupid, but quite beautiful and accompanied by an anime very pleasant music called “Angel Crossroads”. In addition, their authors are the same.

I leave for this, but I wish you not to be ill, not to be beech and watch only a good anime.

Here the new trailer of the second season of Komi Cant Communicate

Every time less is missing for the premiere of the second season of _ komi can not communicate _, in this way, it was recently revealed a new trailer that prepares us for the next step of this romantic anime He captivated the whole public a few months ago.

The second season of this anime will continue to focus on presenting new characters, this with the aim of Komi to get 100 friends. However, we can also see a little more of the relationship between Shoko Komi, Hitohito Tadano and Najimi Osana , the loving triangle that takes a greater weight as history progresses.

The second season of komi can not communicate will arrive at Netflix in Japan on April 6, 2022 . At the moment it is unknown if these episodes will also be transmitted in the West, although considering that this was the case with the first part, it seems that this will be repeated.

Komi Can't Communicate Season 2 - Official Trailer | AniTV
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