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Nintendo Switch Sports: a complimentary summer update, here are the included enhancements


Released last April, Nintendo Switch Sports made it possible to bring up to date the activity video gaming that we had vouched not to want to strategy after the Nintendo Wii era. Six sports at launch, with a rather limited gameplay, we anticipated much better from Nintendo. That’s not all, Nintendo educates us that brand-new movements called feint and Canon solution will be added to the self-control of volleyball, while we can find the new ranks and ∞ that will come Urge the Pro League… Nintendo likewise defines that thanks to the new area identifiers, joining on the internet close friends from Nintendo Switch Sports has actually never been easier.

Back to the office with the Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe - Release Date Trailer - Nintendo Switch
Released in 2013, Stanley Parable_ returns from April 27, 2022 in a Deluxe version. Edited by Crows Crows Crows, the game of the Studio Galactic Cafe is expected on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch.

As in the original game, you will embody Stanley, the number 427 employee of a company. Stanley takes a job of extreme simplicity. In its small office, it only has to squeeze buttons, the same as those that appear on its computer screen, at the right time. But when all of a sudden the screen no longer displays any data, our office worker feels lost and not knowing what else does, begins to explore the building. This is where he discovers that all his office colleagues have mysteriously disappeared. A quest for responses told by a mysterious narrator who will guide you to your next destination, as if everything was written in advance.

If at first sight, the game appears from childish simplicity, your advance in history will not be so easy. You will quickly find yourself a contradiction contradiction. And so of course the game leaves you free to make your own choices, others will be for you. In short, the game does its maximum to play yourself and return the brain.

In the Parable Stanley: Ultra Deluxe_, all that was present in the first game is always present. However, the world in which you will evolve should be much larger, offering new choices and new secrets to discover. A visual improvement is also worth noting. And to facilitate your gaming experience, the studio has also added some features to make the game more accessible, such as daltonism options or text translation into the universe. And as the original version, Kevan Brighting will lend his voice in the narrator, to accompany you throughout your adventure.


Characteristics of The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe

Pokemon Go: Today the occasion “April, April 2022” with Ditto – all surprises and content

When will the occasion take place? The event is currently today, on April 1, 2022, started at 00:00 local time. You have the entire day to use the unique attributes of the event. It will finish tonight at 23:59 regional time.

Today, on 01 April 2022, Inpokémon Go runs an April Fool’s Event, where Ditto is the focus. We from Meinmmo have actually seen us what that is for an event and show you all web content.

Now all contents are currently formally recognized. Under the name “April, April 2022: a DITTO calamity” everything will certainly reverse the Lilafarben Transform Pokémon. Which shinys as well as generates anticipate you during the event and also what shocks you can eagerly anticipate, we have summarized you below (via

What is this for an occasion? Today is the 01st April as well as certainly, Pokémon Go is also poked fun at the day. Therefore, Niantic will send you today with a special event in April. The initial indicators of the joke occasion already showed a find of the pokeminers.

All occasion surprises to the DITTO catastrophe

Even if the DITTO occasion prolongs only on April 1, you can eagerly anticipate one or the various other special attribute. The adhering to shocks holds “April, April 2022” for you:

  • The new unique research “April, April 2022”, in which Teacher Willow does not quite himself
  • All tasks as well as rewards of April unique research study have actually been summed up below
  • New field research study jobs in which your ditto ought to capture
  • Ditto is now hiding behind new wild Pokémon
  • Mini Occasion: “A Ditto-Tastic Shock”
  • New Ditto sticker labels to Pokéstops, gifts as well as the store

Mini Occasion: A Ditto-Tastic Surprise

Special Ditto April Fools’ 2022 Event in Pokemon GO

Tonight you can expect an unique mini-event, which certainly Ditto will play a main function. For a duration of 3 hours, the adhering to Pokémon will generate extra frequently:

Pokémon, which you can likewise experience in your amazing shape, we have noted with a star (*).

When begins a ditto-tactical shock? The mini-event work on 01 April 2022 from 17:00 to 20:00 local time. So you have adequate time to get you a ditto.

  • Rettan *
  • Nebulak *
  • NATU *
  • Go
  • Finneon
  • Lithomith *
  • Fluffling

Behind which Pokémon can you find Ditto?

On the event of today’s Ditto Calamity, the Convenience Pokémon can currently be located behind various other Wilden Pokémon. From today you can experience a shock after capturing the adhering to beast:

In the following couple of days, a lot is in Pokémon Go. We show you all events in April as well as which are particularly worthwhile.

Today, on 01 April 2022, Inpokémon Go runs an April Fool’s Occasion, where Ditto is the focus. For this factor, Niantic will send you today with a special event in April. Under the name “April, April 2022: a DITTO disaster” whatever will turn around the Lilafarben Transform Pokémon. The occasion is already today, on April 1, 2022, started at 00:00 local time. Just how do you locate today’s ditto occasion?

Understanding, behind which monsters Ditto camouflets is necessary to help you fix special research study and also area study jobs.

How do you find today’s ditto event? Or can you discover such an event rather monotonous as well as would certainly you choose to want various other Pokémon?

There is Ditto as Shiny? Yes, Ditto can likewise be captured in its amazing kind.

Mechs or Monster? The new Destiny 2 community armor

It is time again for a community vote in Destiny 2, with which you influence the fate of your guardian! Well, so crass it is not ^ ^ The developer of Bungie let you vote again, which armor ornaments want to have the festival of the lost 2022 in the game. As a reminder: In 2021, the bungista was votes between the Filmonster and the Dino Look.

What we did not know yet: 200,000 votes were delivered in 2021 in the voting and 81 percent of these votes have gone to Team Dino, so it says in the current Twab **** of March 31, 2022. OO gets out of the ground # Teemonsters in the 2022 vote against #techmechs another chance. Every Destiny 2 player who has played since February 22, 2022 and awarded his vote in the vote then gets the chance to the festival of the lost 2022 in October and November the chance to watch the winner look for his class with gloss dust or silver in the eversever Shop. Oh, and for the vote itself there’s an emblem reward!

#teammech and #teammonster

Before we go to the details of participation in the vote, the two concepts are admired to admire this time against each other.
Concept of Monster Look Source: Bungie # Teemonsters had already appeared in 2021 his appearance and apart from the fact that the designs are in more detail this time has been at the King-Kong Look (or Mechani-Kong) of the Titanium and Not much changed at the Mecha-Godzilla appearance of the hunter. On the other hand, at the Warlock, whose outfit was originally inspired by the Gill-Man, a lot has happened. The helmet is more compact and – in appearance – become more threatening. The outfit is not so… clearly cheesy 50s water monsters. Good this way!
Concept of Mecha Look Source: Bungie
The inspiration for #Teammech seems to be primarily at Gundam, at least the titanium sports the absolute Robolook. But generally, the optics of Titan, Warlock and Hunters reveal the hearts of all Mecha fans. Bungie could not have found a better combination of looks that compete against each other in the Destiny 2 Community Armor Vote.

MECHS VS MONSTERS / Which Armor Set Gets Your Vote? / Destiny 2

How do I agree with #teammech or #tammonster?

Those who have signed up via their bungie account for e-mails from Bungie will receive a mail with the link to the survey from 7 April until April 13, 2022. If you are not logged in to the mails, then you can catch up by 6 April 2022. On April 13, 2022, the vote is closed and from 19 April 2022 all players who participated in the vote will get the following Broken Barriers emblem.
The Broken Barriers Emblem Source: Bundie When the outcome of the survey is made public, which is of course in the hands of Destiny 2 developers (Buy 19.50 €). But which ornament set would you prefer to see in the game – Mechas or Monster? Or do not make both concepts? Think of it: In the game, the ornaments look different, among other things, thanks to lighting! The was already with the dinos so.

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Ubisoft surprises revealing that Skull & Bones will arrive before April 2023

Ubisoft has revealed during the presentation of its latest financial results that Skull & Bones will be published before April 2023.

So I played Skull & Bones...

The Financial Report explains that “On the Line of the Ubisoft commitment to significantly expand its offer, the next fiscal year will significantly include avatar launches: Frontiers of Pandora, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, Skull & Bones, and more exciting games “. The fiscal year referred to covers the period between April 2022 and April 2023.

It seems, therefore, that it begins to be light at the end of the tunnel for a tremendously problematic project. Ubisoft presented it for the first time in E3 2017, but since then it has suffered several reboots in its development and numerous setbacks. The last one, just a month ago, was the march of his co-director, Antoine Henry, who left Ubisoft after fifteen years in the French company.

The other two large Ubisoft games for the next twelve months are Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, an open-world action adventure developed by Ubisoft Massive based on the Universe created by James Cameron, and Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, La Sequue of the exclusive shift strategy game for switch and developed in collaboration with Nintendo

Road 96: Adventure game appears in April

Ravenscourt and DigiSIART announce that you will be available from the criticized Title Road 96 in April 2022 for both Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox.

Road 96 is a constantly evolving, story-driven adventure game with survival elements in which players have to flee from a country ruling by an authoritarian regime that stands on the edge of the collapse.

“The idea that console players will soon be able to make their first steps on the emotional journey into freedom is really exciting,” said Yoan Fanise, CEO & Creative Director at DigiST.

“Road 96, which is inspired by the classic road trip films from the 90s, seemed to be created for this generation of consoles and their owners. Lean back and prepare for a roadtrip like no other, “he added.

Road 96 for PC is currently available in the “Road 96 Hitchhiker Bundle” with a 25% discount on Steam. The “Road 96 Hitchhiker Bundle” contains everything necessary to be a Petria connoisseur of the old and new times and to experience life as a holder in Petria the most authentic way. It contains the game Road 96, the original soundtrack, the documentary and the game book that tells the prehistory.

Road 96 | Complete Gameplay Walkthrough - Full Game | No Commentary
about Road 96

Road 96 is a procedural generated adventure that is constantly evolving. There are also survival elements: The player must escape from a country that is dominated by an authoritarian regime and is just before the collapse.

Road 96 has a steadily evolving story, which is further revealed with any new escape attempt, inspired by Roadtrip movies from the 90s by directors such as Quentin Tarantino, The Coen Brothers and Bong Joon-Ho. On the soundtrack of the game, titles of bands like Survive (Stranger Things) are heard.

Road 96 is the most ambitious project of DigiSIXART directed by the Game Industry Veteran Yoan Fanise (Valiant Hearts, Memories Retold). In June 2020, the Steam demo for Road 96 belonged to the five mostly downloaded demos during the Steam Next Fest, which was available to a total of more than 700 demos, and found great appeals both in critics and fans.

Already in the first two weeks after the official publication, Road 96 has exceeded the brand of over 2700 reviews on Steam, with a solid average rating of 90%. The game was highlighted in every way: the atmosphere that gives the feeling of experiencing a real adventure, the soundtrack that fits the trip to every moment of the journey, the charismatic personality of the characters and above all the freedom to make their own decisions.

The documentary “on the road 96” available on Steam (later below) shows the mistakes and confusion of an incredible indie studio on the way to completion and publication of the most critics-celebrated procedural narrative adventures Road 96. Financial challenges, Covid-19 and Threatening deadlines made the development anything but a walk in the park.


  • Discover exciting places and unusual people on your very personal journey into freedom.
  • A constantly evolving adventure inspired by Tarantino, Coen Brothers and Bong Joon-Ho. Developed by the award-winning creators of “Valiant Hearts” and “Memories Retold”. In the context of the Omen gift initiative of HP Inc. announced.
  • Action-loaded moments, discoveries, thoughtful melancholy, human encounters and crazy situations. Against the background of authoritarian rule and oppression.
  • Stunning visual style, a soundtrack full of hits from the 90’s and thousands of routes through the game are combined, so every player at road 96 can create his own unique story.

Here is another PC-release trailer:

The documentary can be seen here:

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