Cult of the Lamb is a wonderful game in which you have to manage resources, explore and make sacrifices. However, when you first start playing the game, it can be a little overwhelming. Below we have listed some of our favorite tips for beginners in the game. Follow the instructions so that your newcomer commune quickly turns into an expert’s cult.

Guide for the Agni Cult

give preference to collecting resources

When it comes to your camp, first you need to collect resources as quickly as possible. For construction, you will need wood and stone, and berries can be used for one of the cheapest products in the game.

Assign followers to extract certain resources, but try to maintain an equal division of labor between the collection of wood, stone and berries. The commune will slowly generate new trees, stones and bushes so that your followers can get them.

Set up a camp

Everyone loves to personalize their cult, but make sure that you consider your followers. Even if you give the satellite a lunar necklace, everyone needs their own bed-both for rest and in case of illness.

A minute is required to open the infirmary and outbuilding. In the meantime, clean the perimeter of the commune once a day to remove the excrement of followers. Without infirmary, it is especially important to make sure that everyone has a place where you can lie if they get sick to guarantee that they will not die.

focus on the loyalty of subscribers

An increase in the level of loyalty of followers is crucial for the declaration of new doctrines. The more exercises you proclaim, the more you have the ability to unlock new rituals and gain additional devotion.

The easiest way to win loyalty is to make sure that your followers are full and healthy, read daily sermons and fulfill the requests of followers as they appear. The blessing of followers, when you have such an opportunity, as well as giving them gifts received during the Crusades, is another excellent way to guarantee that your followers are not interested in dissent.

Crusade early and often

After you robbed your commune with all resources, you will ultimately need objects that can only be obtained on the Crusades. Whether it is an additional stone and a tree or a new member of the cult, the crusade is a key element that determines the durability of the commune. At the beginning of the game, try to lead the Crusade for as long as possible, and then return to the commune to welcome new followers and increase the loyalty of existing followers, giving them gifts received during your crusades.

try easy mode

While the Massive Monster (the developers of Cult of the Lamb) recommend playing in average complexity, there is nothing shameful in switching the difficulty level if you are struggling. You can change the level of complexity at any time of the game without creating a new saving file. This is especially useful if you have problems with the victory over a certain boss, since the level of complexity affects the HP of opponents, as well as the number of objects that fall out during the Crusades, and the amount of microcharenement necessary in the commune.

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