During an interview with Famitsu, the newly appointed President and CEO of Platinumgames , Atsushi Inaba, has spoken about the future approaches of the company when developing projects in videogames.

As indicated by the translation of VGC, Inaba declared that he would like Platinum to create more games that “can enjoy and love each other for a longer, larger and risky period, as opposed to” smaller, unique and Well designed »As is the case of Bayonetta, although at no time do you discard you continue creating deliveries of this type. “Taking into account changes in the market over the next five years, I think it is absolutely necessary,” the president added, pointing to the projects of which he talks about games as a service.

These statements arrived in reference to Project GG, a game directed by Hideki Kamiya who, explains Inaba, “is still in the stage of trying several things,” and from which for the moment he can not comment too much. What herself revealed Inaba himself in an interview with VGC in May 2020, was that it is a title of action that will be starring a “giant hero”, and will mean “the climax of the trilogy of superheroes” directed by Kamiya, which will follow Viewtiful Joe and The Wonderful 101.

During the last interview, the CEO also talked about the digitization of video games, a format that prioritizes above «Getting a lot of day one» in the physical version, something that could be saved with adjustments at the last minute. “I hope that the age of the total digitization arrives soon,” Inaba added.

It was a month ago when the news came that Atsushi Inaba was named the new president and CEO of Platinum, now replacing Kenichi Sato, although maintaining the current position of him as head of study. In his first message he already talked about the future of the company, where he claimed that his priority would still be “create innovative ways of playing”, and that “the authentic pleasure of games comes from freedom that is given both to the creator and the user -It’s that what makes them a form of such a wonderful entertainment ».

Very soon, the same February 22, we will see the next of PlatinumGames with the Sun Crest publication, the _shmup that will resurrect the Cresta series 36 years after its previous delivery.