Publisher Autumn Games and Hidden Variable Studios said on August 20 that the PS4 version of the fighting game Skull Girls 2nd Encore will be in charge of distribution in Japan in the future. Prior to this, on August 19, the domestic Domestic Ark System Works ended domestic distribution of the PS4/PS Vita version.

Skull Girls 2nd Encore is a 2D fighting game designed by Reverge Labs/Lab Zero Games. It was released in 2012 as Skullgirls and then updated to the current title. It features cartoon-style visuals and systems affected by Japanese fighting games, such as the Vampire series. In addition, a story about artifacts called skull heart, which creates a skull girl that leads the world to ruin, will develop, and many unique characters will appear.


In addition to the PC version, this work has been ported to many consoles, and in Japan, various publishers are involved. The Ark System Works has been in charge of the PS4/PS Vita version and has been sold since 2016, but it has been reported that a license agreement with Autumn Games has ended on August 19 this year. In response to this, the distribution on the PS Store has ended.

Autumn Games is the right of the Skull Girls, and Hidden Variable Studios is a studio that leads the development of a series that contains a mobile version. The development is also involved in Future Club, which was established by former Lab ZERO GAMES staff (related article). According to the announcement, the PS4 version will be distributed directly in Japan in the future. It seems that distribution will be resumed soon.

He also mentioned the update of this work, which had been released for other regions but had cut off for the domestic PS4 version. The latest information will be delivered in the near future of the update distribution time. It seems to be a plan to distribute season passes and DLC characters.

This work is currently developed in Season 1, and in the PC version, the star Annie and Ambrella have been distributed as additional characters. In addition, Black Dahlia and Marie are scheduled to be distributed in the future. These additional characters can be obtained by purchasing one path of the season, and are included with limited pallet packs (additional characters). Additional characters can be purchased as a DLC alone.

It is expected that such DLCs and updates will be distributed without delay in the future by directly distributing the domestic PS4 version. First of all, I would like to pay attention to the latest information on the PS4 version of the distribution of the PS4 version. If you are a user, you should follow the Japanese version official Twitter account.