There are so many bosses in Elden Ring that it could be overwhelming for some. So many caves, dungeons, catacombs and so on. In each one is an impressive boss, which obliges everyone to hold on. They have the introductory boss like the watchdog or crossing bosses like dragons. Some bosses are more on the side of the fauna, which may be a pain to kill them. Here we help you to defeat the runn bears in Elden Ring.

How to defeat the runbears in Elden Ring

The Rune Bear is an enlarged and angry version of the bears, which they would encounter in the forest areas in the Lands Between. In this case, his shadow side is the best choice to cause considerable damage. This is not the armored enemy, so this wild beast makes the with its mobility and heavy damage emissions. It is strongly recommended not to try to run away from it.

Maintaining stamina is crucial in this struggle . It benefits almost nothing to intervene at a reasonable moment when he fits an attack. The rune bear can cover the floor very easily. Instead, hold a good distance between you both, whom he is mostly respected.

Since the rune bear is very aggressive, you should not block against him . He can add blood loss, what they can influence even when they block with objects, having full resistance to physical damage. He can break her guard with his attacks, so get us a minimum of using it. Instead, focus more on dodging.

Every time the bear lifts an arm, he is about to attack. Dodge roll into the opposite direction where he swings. When he lifts his right arm, he will spread to the left. In this case, they should dodge to the right. The invincibility frames of their evasive maneuver enable them into an advantageous position to land a few punches.

When he stands on his hind legs and seeks a slam, get ready to turn left or right. You can block the attack, but you miss this boss extra damage. The attacks of this bear are almost trivialized as well as evasive roles may be.

At this point of their journey, they have taken their way to the south of Limgrave and past the sacrificial bridge. What they expect is access to enemies and poured medium levels that can be worthwhile for them, including defeating the overnight cavalry of the night.

Runebear Boss Guide - Elden Ring Runebear Boss Fight

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